Working Remotely

Sporting summer may spell end of British office culture, as we know it.

The summers sporting events have boosted appetite for flexible working according to a survey undertaken by Vodafone UK.

Following their working experiences over the last two weeks, over 50% of workers in London have stated that they want and with would choose to work flexibly more often.

Almost a quarter of employed Londoners altered their normal working arrangements during the period, achieving better productivity. Over half of employers either already enable flexible working, or now appear to be more open it.

This legacy of the London 2012 Olympics may be responsible for a fundamental shift in British office culture. Employers are becoming increasingly open to allowing various and new ways of working.

Peter Boucher, commercial marketing director at Vodafone UK, commented, “It is not surprising that the events of the last two weeks are emerging as a turning point in the way Britain is working. For employers and their staff, this has been a taster for a different way of doing business, many will have found that this can be just as effective – and often more so- than the traditional nine-to-five at your office desk.”

However, even though many of the 24% of employees who changed their working habits claimed that working from home during the Olympics increased productivity, a smaller share complained of distractions and disruptions and struggled with technology and information access.

But many employees, even those who decided not to work from home, noted during the Vodafone UK survey that they felt that they had given all the equipment needed to work effectively while away from the office. The gap was more pronounced in the Public Sector than the Private Sector. 19% of all respondents stated that they use their own hardware to wore remotely, but more than one in five said they have to be present in the office to work.

Peter Boucher concluded; “with the cost of mobile ad broadband technologies coming down and initiatives such as “bring your own device” offering further cost and management advantages, there are fewer and fewer reasons for businesses to tie staff to their office chair. Productivity is best measured by results achieved, rather than by the amount of time spent in the office each day.”

Kindness UK

The London 2012 Olympics was the epitome of patriotism, sincerity, pride and British culture and attitude. When something big happens, we all come together and share the experience.  And we are sure that Great Britain will share this enthusiasm for the upcoming Paralympics also!

The legacy is the next topic of discussion, and whatever is decided, the London 2012 Olympics and the British attitude should continue, and Kindness UK are making sure that it will.

Kindness UK, a non-profit humanitarian organisation with the sole endeavor of sharing, promoting and uniting kindness, are soon hosting a General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement at their Cricklewood Headquarters from the 18th – 20th September 2012. The conference will bring together kindness movement from across the world including Australia, China, Dubai, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the USA and obviously the UK. Chosen members of the public will join the delegates and Dr. David R. Hamilton PhD, a world expert in Oxytocin (the Happy Hormone) will be presenting.

David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK said; ‘we are incredibly excited that London can once again be the forefront of developing a brighter and kinder future.”



Success all round for Team GB!

This previous weekend was a monumental one for Team GB! Now with 16 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 10 bronze medal as well as being third in the medals table, Britain are putting Great into the Olympics. Saturday was especially prodigious with three gold medals achieved by Olympic and nation sweetheart Jessica Ennis, Tennis pro Andy Murray and Olympic hero Mo Farah.

Jessica Ennis triumphed in the last stage of her heptathlon and Andy Murray recovered spectacularly from his final defeat at Wimbledon and Mo Farah proved his weight in gold and was congratulated by his heavily pregnant wife and young daughter for his 10,000m win.

Great Britain was overcome with sincere emotion and the champions were commended and praised with overwhelming applause and cheers. Tears were shed from both the athletes and the audience and the country united over the athletes accomplishments. Records were smashed, personal bests were beaten and athletes were placed at the top of their game and we cannot wait to see team GB continue to prosper in the London 2012 Olympic games.

Pork for Thought

Bacon jam is pushing the possibilities of pork, weird but definitely wonderful, Through the Door Promotions have fallen for this delicious product. Invented in Walthamstow the fun flavoured food is now being sold in supermarkets across the UK after Tesco discovered the product.

Staff at restaurant Eat 17 created the curious concoction last year and has since been featured on Jonathan Ross’ ITV chat show. The idea was developed after chef Chris O’Connor combined and experimented with burger toppings of onion, jam and bacon, which created a unique flavour.

After customers requested buying jars of the bacon jam, and it rose in popularity, Tesco approached the restaurant and signed a deal to stock it in 280 stores.

Bacon jam and similar condiments has been widely available in the USA for years, however, Eat 17 has created an innovative recipe using secret ingredients that separate it from competitors. Maple syrup and freshly brewed coffee are two of the main ingredients used.

Whilst the jam is proving popular amongst consumers, not everyone is convinced; Janet Street Porter voiced her opinions regarding the condiment last April. “I don’t know if taste buds atrophy as you enter postal codes with double figures, but this bland goo is neither jam nor chutney — and I can make both.”

To which Chris O’Connor responded; “I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes, which is fine.”

Mixing sweet and savoury tastes together is a growing trend within the food industry, but nothing has quite been developed to this standard. The tastes combined together create an exclusive flavour and compliments the classic cheeseburger and similar dishes perfectly. Place on pancakes with syrup for the ultimate get up and go breakfast.

Chris O’Connor is currently working on follow-ups including chorizo jam and Mexican chilli.

TUKcic Launch for Charity

Last night was the fabulous launch party of TUK in Old Street with the store filled with press, bloggers, fashion influencers and insiders. The TUK Store is a creative platform to exhibit and sell an eclectic mix of innovative products by indie and handmade designers. All the profits from the TUK store help TUKcic fund complementary healthcare therapists to help treat individuals with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. The shop was filled with people keen to hear TUKcic director Gregg give a passionate speech. Guests were supplied with amazing orange cocktails, which where donated by the not new bar Callooh Calley and Becks donated the beer. Restaurant of the moment Tramshed provided delicious canapés for the guests and Say Cheese on Toast provided some delicious chocolate cupcakes, which were topped with sprinkles in the shape of the TUK signature. To top off this amazing night, goodie bags were given out which contained Vita Coco drinks, Popchips crisps, Revital Vitamin samples ad some handmade pieces by some of the incredible designers that TUK supports.








The Great Book Migration

Here at Through the Door Promotions, we all enjoy relaxing with a well-made cup of team and immersing ourselves with a good book. There is nothing better than entering another world and being introduced to an entire range of heroes, heroines and villains and being told their stories regardless of whether they are fact or fiction; realistic or unbelievable.

So that is why were extremely happy to hear that according to a poll of 2000 people, the average UK resident spends 7 hours and 54 minutes reading a book each week. Over 53% of the nation welcome a good book and read on a daily basis for at least an hour, and 7 out of ten people will have heard of an E-reader.

But what do you prefer, the convenience and efficiency of an E-reader or the feel, smell and representation of a book?

The same poll also revealed that the average UK bookworm will get through two and three quarter books each month. The most popular reasons for picking up a book are escaping the everyday stresses and problems of reality and to broaden ones knowledge. However, for some, reading books hide ulterior motives.

Over a third of people admit that they have hidden behind a book to check on someone they admire, avoid a conversation or simply sit back and indulge of a spot of subtle people watching.

This national joy of reading has prompted laser eye surgery specialist, Ultralase to launch the campaign, The Great Book Migration with the support of former athletic – and patient – Jonathan Edwards. The campaign will track 100 books, and their travels, across the UK. The titles will vary from classic horrors such as Dracula to modern day romances such as One Day. The titles can be found in a range of public places with ‘Read Me’ labels attached to their covers. Those who find one of the marked books will then be invited to join the migration and using social media and mobile technology such as QR codes will be able to let followers know where they found it. Let us know what you think about this!!

If you want to find out more information about The Great Book Migration please visit



American Inbetweens

They did Skins, Shameless and The Office among other programmes, but it is The Inbetweeners turn to receive the American treatment. And if the TV series isn’t enough, the US is also planning to make their own version of the smash hit Inbetweeners movie.

Last year, MTV debuted the US version of Skins, which featured the same characters but with an American accent. The airing of the first episode infuriated fans of the UK series, and it was cancelled after only ten episodes due to a dramatic dip in viewing figures. This makes us wonder if The Inbetweeners will be successful on the US or will the British humour confound the American audience.

US Shameless was more successful than Skins, however the changes made altered the themes within the programme losing the impression of the series. The state of poverty within the programme is more relevant and amusing here, than in the States.

The most successful remake would have to be The Office that aired 176 episodes and achieved a rating of 22.9 million viewers. But again, the programme was altered to suit American humour, however, sexual innuendos and jokes are removed which could once again anger the UK viewers when it comes to The US Inbetweeners.

Also, The Inbetweeners is not original comedy. Everything that happens to the characters is an exaggerated version (we would hope) of the situations the writers found themselves in. It is hilarious because the audience can relate to it. Everyone has a friend like a character in The Inbetweeners, and this relation and comedy could not be reconstructed easily or even successfully.

Lets hope that the producers of the American Inbetweeners film understand this will not take away what makes the original Inbetweeners one of the funniest programmes of today.