Run to the Beat – Step in Time

Two weeks until Run to the Beat half marathon and training has been physically demanding, but we are beginning to notice a dramatic change in our fitness levels and we are now becoming stronger runners. As a competitive run (and we are under no illusions that we are coming first), we understand how important it is that we are physically and mentally prepared for such a daunting challenge, and we have been following an in depth training schedule, which includes a series of exercise strategies including running, swimming, yoga and weights. The structured plan improves endurance, stamina, strength, fitness and mobility. Through The Door Promotions have launched into training, adapting the training programme to our capabilities. We have also started a tailored diet consisting of all the minerals and vitamins our body needs during training. The night before the race we are indulging in a risotto and the morning of the race we will be enjoying pancakes and porridge and lots of water. Running has been the toughest challenge, as street running is very different to running on the treadmill (and more difficult due to tread and resistance) and we are all street-running novices. However, we are not going easy on ourselves. The streets in London can be steep without the runner realising, which can be a hindrance, so when running, we have been testing various surfaces including soft services, terrain including mud, sand and grass and hilly areas. These training tactics have not only boosted our fitness and endurance, but they have also mentally prepared us for the 13.1 miles, which are lying in wait. We have been really humbled by the support that we have received. We have already raised £587.50 (including Gift Aid) through Virgin Money Giving and a substantial amount (yet to be counted) from offline donations. We would appreciate and value any donations that you can offer to raise money for Medic to Medic, who are helping to increase the number of health workers through sponsorship and mentoring of students.

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“What we are seeing is catastrophic market failure”. These were the resounding words of Patrick Collinson, editor at the Guardian to describe the state of the construction industry in the UK. The market failure is attributed to demand for houses not meeting supply. It was recorded that only 21,540 new homes were built at the start of the second quarter which is the lowest figure in the past three years. This leads us to question what exactly the causes were. Is the industry facing massive challenges and if so what can be done to combat the situation? It is paramount that action is taken immediately because the population is rising rapidly and rent prices are soaring.

The average rent price recorded in London was an alarming £725 in July. Faced with fewer houses being built, huge deposits being required by the banks, it is no wonder that renting is the trending thing in England and Wales at the moment. First time buyers have been hit badly, due to the increase in the amount required to purchase a property. With many of these first time buyers being young people who cannot afford it, is inevitable that rent prices will go up.

Should we continue to look whilst house prices have increased three times the rate of wage inflation?  Certainly not. More attention should be paid to the construction industry; more houses should be built and offered at prices that are affordable to more people. Unless action is taken immediately, first time buyers and indeed those renting will not have a fairy tale ending.

Ripped to Shreds

A cutting edge new report aims to destroy many of the myths surrounding fat loss and muscle gain.

The report, Ripped to Shreds, has been co-authored by Liverpool duo Shaun Petafi and Dean Connor and has brought fitness and nutrition in to a whole new era, using the latest scientific literature behind rapid body transformation.

Shaun Petafi believes people looking to improve their physique through diet and exercise are frequently accessing obsolete information.

I think it’s safe to say that no matter how determined one is to lose weight, we all have our days where we would love to chuck the regimented eating schedule into the bin and simply collapse on the treadmill. Well, its not recommended that one collapses on the treadmill as it may result in slight bruising but according to the Ripped To Shreds report skipping breakfast may actually be the way to slimming down- fast.

Waiting for 14-16 hours is also one of the reports suggested methods to speed up weight loss. Simply leave a 14-16 hours gap between your last meal the night before and your lunch as this gives your body a break allowing it to process the food from the day before. That’s all it takes to make your body a “master of controlling insulin”.

As for exercise, we’ve been taught that the longer you exercise for, the more fat is burnt. Well how about the idea that exercising for long periods of time actually encourages your body to store fat? The time taken to boil an egg- 6mins- is a time saving routine that re-programmes how the body uses fat for energy. Whether your lounging on the sofa or panting on the floor afterthis workout, only after 36 hours does your metabolism stop ‘raging’. Awesome.

Through The Door Promotions launches into the next generation

Through the Door Promotions today announced that the Shoreditch based consumer and lifestyle PR company have won their first award having only been in business for nine months. Through The Door Promotions was honoured with the Next Generation Award at the HP Smart Business Awards.

The Next Generation Award recognises and celebrates successful business owners’ aged 25 or below who have driven innovation forward against the odds in such a turbulent economy.

Through The Door Promotions was carefully selected by a panel of judges with expertise in SME’s, enterprises, marketing and technology. Through The Door Promotions strong work ethics, impressive client base and diverse attitude to PR and marketing stood out amongst other competitors.

Georgia Knight, founder of Through the Door Promotions says of this achievement; “with many people sceptical and biased towards PR and marketing, and with the stereotypical perspective that has been adopted in many business circles, Through the Door Promotions was set up to alter this opinion. As a young individual, I created Through the Door Promotions to offer young creative thinkers and young professionals a platform to launch their ideas whilst improving our clients businesses. From these creative minds, Through the Door Promotions is hoping to change the face of the PR and marketing industry and make it fun once again. ”

Launched as a new programme for 2012, the annual awards will celebrate the best achievements of the UK’s small and medium sized businesses. The business awards were developed to shine the spotlight on some of the country’s most dynamic and hardworking businesses, whatever sector they may be in.

Hayley Smith, Account Director of Through the Door Promotions says of the honour; “everyone at Through The Door Promotions is extremely proud and winning this award is a great achievement for the company. It is a very exciting time for us at the moment and it has just got even more so.”

Through the Door Promotions continuously create personalised and highly innovative campaigns that are repeatedly successful, placing our company at the forefront of the industry and the HP Smart Business Next Generation Award confirms our achievements.