Kindness UK

The London 2012 Olympics was the epitome of patriotism, sincerity, pride and British culture and attitude. When something big happens, we all come together and share the experience.  And we are sure that Great Britain will share this enthusiasm for the upcoming Paralympics also!

The legacy is the next topic of discussion, and whatever is decided, the London 2012 Olympics and the British attitude should continue, and Kindness UK are making sure that it will.

Kindness UK, a non-profit humanitarian organisation with the sole endeavor of sharing, promoting and uniting kindness, are soon hosting a General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement at their Cricklewood Headquarters from the 18th – 20th September 2012. The conference will bring together kindness movement from across the world including Australia, China, Dubai, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the USA and obviously the UK. Chosen members of the public will join the delegates and Dr. David R. Hamilton PhD, a world expert in Oxytocin (the Happy Hormone) will be presenting.

David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK said; ‘we are incredibly excited that London can once again be the forefront of developing a brighter and kinder future.”




Around the World in a day

With the Olympics drawing the world’s focus onto Great Britain and London, we are shining the light back on the rest of the world. After scouring the globe – pardon the pun – we are reporting the most important stories of the week. Be prepared for the world changing, wonderful and outright wacky news stories.


US Government has issued a statement declaring that mermaids do not exist. But, believe it or not, there is a reason behind this. A mockumentary, shown in May entitled Mermaids: The Body Found was broadcast in May on Animal Planet. But due to the shows format, some viewers believed the events and case studies portrayed and were convinced that what they were being shown was real footage. The National Ocean Service was forced to explain, “no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”


With their large amber eyes, their squirrel like tails and their talented ability to walk sideways, as well as their stigma developed from the Madagascar franchise, Lemurs are the jokers of the jungle. However, they are also one of the world’s most endangered species. It has been revealed that 103 species of lemurs are endangered. This works out that 91% of lemurs are threatened. Lemurs are native to Madagascar, but most of the natural vegetation has been lost. But, there is a silver lining; a new, unnamed species of lemur has been recently discovered.


Food lovers and regular diners looking for a new, unique culinary experience will not be disappointed by the newly opened Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. Alcohol, sushi and scantily clad cabaret performers in the form of female robots are combined. The robots are controlled by equally scantily cladded women, but diners are also able to handle the controls by using specially designed joysticks.


Abortion laws in Turkey are already extremely strict, but laws and restrictions are about to get tighter still. If the proposed legislation is passed, medical professionals will be given the right to deny a woman of an abortion if she is over ten weeks, unless the pregnancy is having a detrimental effect on her health.

The bill is also fighting for three years in prison for any woman who has an abortion that isn’t medically necessary. The current prison sentence is one year.


It is one of Da Vinci’s biggest mysteries, and one of the world’s most infamous and speculative artworks, but the story behind Mona Lisa may be about to be solved. Archaeologists have been excavating in Florence, which they believe is the burial place for history’s most famous woman. Researchers say that they may have I covered her skeleton underneath the alter of an abandoned nunnery, where is it believed that Lisa Gherardini (Mona Lisa) Scientists are still in the process of identifying

Success all round for Team GB!

This previous weekend was a monumental one for Team GB! Now with 16 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 10 bronze medal as well as being third in the medals table, Britain are putting Great into the Olympics. Saturday was especially prodigious with three gold medals achieved by Olympic and nation sweetheart Jessica Ennis, Tennis pro Andy Murray and Olympic hero Mo Farah.

Jessica Ennis triumphed in the last stage of her heptathlon and Andy Murray recovered spectacularly from his final defeat at Wimbledon and Mo Farah proved his weight in gold and was congratulated by his heavily pregnant wife and young daughter for his 10,000m win.

Great Britain was overcome with sincere emotion and the champions were commended and praised with overwhelming applause and cheers. Tears were shed from both the athletes and the audience and the country united over the athletes accomplishments. Records were smashed, personal bests were beaten and athletes were placed at the top of their game and we cannot wait to see team GB continue to prosper in the London 2012 Olympic games.

BA: Giving Holidays a Sporting Chance

British Airways has announced that it will be showing a selection of the best sports films voted by Team GB and Paralympics GB. The films will be showcased to BA customers flying during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The athletes nominated over thirty titles with Coach Carter receiving the most votes, and Cool Running’s (which would have got our vote) coming a close second.

Oliver Stone’s award winning Any Given Sunday took home the bronze medal and was favoured by various athletes including Gymnast Louis Smith. Triathlete Helen Jenkins voted for the boxing classic Rocky while Olympic Champion Ben Ainslie swaps water for racing with his preference to Formula One documentary film Senna.

Other nominations included Chariots of Fire, Dodgeball, Goal, Bend it like Beckham, Remember the Titans, Million Dollar Baby, Wimbledon, Jerry Maguire, Invincible, Happy Gilmore and Rumble in the Jungle.

Team GB rower, Zac Purchase said of his favourite film; “I don’t think you could get better than Al Pacino’s ‘inches’ speech in Any Given Sunday. It’s such a poignant moment, with many true parallels with the way each and every sportsperson across the world prepares for the performance of their loves.”

Facebook users were also asked to vote, with the winning vote being Chariots of Fire, with Cool Runnings (our favourite if we haven’t mentioned it before) and Rocky taking silver and bronze. The classic films were the Facebook voters choice.

Everyone enjoys a good film whilst on a plane journey,  and this campaign allows customers to enjoy the great sporting classics in preparation for London 2012.

As well as the film initiative, BA customers will also be able to enjoy an Olympic themed menu created by Michelin star chef Simon Hulstone, who worked with Heston Blumenthal to develop this project. To accompany the food, a specially created soundtrack will be available for passengers to tune into where they will be able to hear uplifting music and commentary from iconic British moments from previous games.

Along with the classics, British Airways will also be playing 2012 Olympic film Fast Girls, which follows the British relay team. There will also be a dedicated sports channel, which includes a number of Olympic, and Paralympic related programmes, such as the journey to London 2012.

Finally, BA customers will also be able to enjoy to short film BOY. BOY was produced exclusively for British Airways. Starring veteran British actor Timothy Small, it is filmed in the Velodrome in the Olympic Park.

The Airline is encouraging the nation to get behind the UK this summer, as well as giving you a sporting chance to book a holiday. Where were you during the London 2012 Olympics?

Freaky Friday

Friday 13th is a day deeply shrouded in superstition, urban legends and traditions. It has been represented as the day of ultimate bad luck since the early nineteenth century. There is as much hocus pocus around it as Hallows Eve.  Friday the 13th is only recognised in the Western culture with countries believing in it more than others. For example, many buildings in America will not possess a level thirteen.

A study undertaken in 1993 by the Mid Downs Health Authority in West Sussex revealed that traffic accidents which occurred on Friday 13th were 53% more likely to result in injury or death. This study was focused on London’s M25, and was used to try and eliminate the fear of Friday 13th.

However, further and future studies have proven otherwise; 26% of the UK’s populations are fearful of Friday 13th and the dangers it can potentially cause and are willing to go to extreme measures to avoid any dangerous situations which may occur.

George Patton, Director of, says, “Contrary to popular belief, we can confidently say that Friday 13th is no different to any other, with having seen no significant spike in claims for accidents on this date. Many superstitious people are afraid of using their cars or flying, but the message from us is to keep clam and carry on as usual!”

Many people may take comfort to the results found by this personal injury and compensation claims company, but there will be no convincing those diagnosed with “friggatiskaidekaphobia” (the official name of those who live in fear of Friday 13th.)

Where does Friday 13th originate?

The number 13 has been associated with bad luck since the days of Christ, when Jesus and his 12 disciples enjoyed The Last Supper. It was the belief that the thirteenth person to take up a seat around the table was Judas the Betrayer.

Later Friday became the day of Christian observance now know as Good Friday, marking the day when Christ was crucified.