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We have decided to move the date of our PR training launch from 30th November 2012 to 15th January 2013 as this will provide further business opportunities for attendees.

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Training Day with Through The Door Promotions

Due to popular demand from existing clients, Through The Door Promotions are now offering PR and marketing training workshops. Through The Door Promotions will be offering these unique, informative and innovative workshops to SMEs and startups. The PR and marketing experts at Through The Door Promotions will arrange to visit companies and organisations in their offices and deliver onsite training in a range of strategies.

The courses are designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals with the responsibility for marketing, PR or business development activities. Online PR and social media activities are fast becoming an essential part of any marketing strategy. Using specific case studies, participating in Through The Door Promotions courses will aid businesses and allow them to gain a thorough understanding of the role of PR and marketing and how to use the key aspects effectively.

Within their training courses Through The Door Promotions will be discussing and demonstrating various PR and marketing activities, which are effective and successful and the team will be showing companies how to implement each activity into both their marketing strategies and business. Through The Door Promotions will train businesses in both B2B and B2C marketing and tendering.

Through The Door Promotions may be a young company, consisting of young professionals, but between them they have gained dedicated experience within in-house marketing, business development, branding, journalism and media and they work with various businesses and corporations consisting of brands, corporate, SMEs and startups. Through The Door Promotions feel that their unique qualities place them in a prime position to help businesses improve their marketing strategies and target the younger generation.

In order for SMEs and start-ups to thoroughly understand what they have to offer within their training programs, Through The Door Promotions is cordially inviting you to a complimentary taster session:

Through The Door Promotions, PR and marketing experts invite you to a FREE afternoon of excellent and renowned consultation to help your business see effective results. We will be discussing various marketing strategies, which we have designed to help you promote your business, win new business, achieve sustainability, conduct market research and recognise and manage your corporate responsibilities.

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“What we are seeing is catastrophic market failure”. These were the resounding words of Patrick Collinson, editor at the Guardian to describe the state of the construction industry in the UK. The market failure is attributed to demand for houses not meeting supply. It was recorded that only 21,540 new homes were built at the start of the second quarter which is the lowest figure in the past three years. This leads us to question what exactly the causes were. Is the industry facing massive challenges and if so what can be done to combat the situation? It is paramount that action is taken immediately because the population is rising rapidly and rent prices are soaring.

The average rent price recorded in London was an alarming £725 in July. Faced with fewer houses being built, huge deposits being required by the banks, it is no wonder that renting is the trending thing in England and Wales at the moment. First time buyers have been hit badly, due to the increase in the amount required to purchase a property. With many of these first time buyers being young people who cannot afford it, is inevitable that rent prices will go up.

Should we continue to look whilst house prices have increased three times the rate of wage inflation?  Certainly not. More attention should be paid to the construction industry; more houses should be built and offered at prices that are affordable to more people. Unless action is taken immediately, first time buyers and indeed those renting will not have a fairy tale ending.

Toilet Paper

“Don’t rush. Look before you flush.” may be a phrase soon to be commonly used on the streets of London – or more appropriately in the bathrooms of London.

Advertisements are now reaching where the sun doesn’t shine and myths that it is difficult to find advertising space are being flushed down the toilet – literally. With the mind work of two young, entrepreneurial brains, Jordan and Bryan and their newly commenced firm Star Toilet Paper are being proactive with advertising on toilet paper, an unchartered and innovative way to reach out to a wider audience. Coupons are also being printed on toilet paper.

Jordan Silverman of the Jordan Bryan duo admits that their business entices people and produces repeated chuckles.

In spite of enormous humour and innuendo opportunities, Star Toilet triumphed as one among five finalists for College Entrepreneur of 2012 contest, and as part of their triumph to continue their success, the company will be providing complimentary toilet rolls with printed ads on them to stadiums, offices, restaurants and various other places.

Another beneficial selling point is that the two-ply quality toilet paper is made from 100% recycled materials with the promise that the soybean based ink

leaves no harm to the genital area. With advertising prices as cheap as $99  (approximately £57.00) for 20,000 ads, the toilet paper looks to be a favourite amongst both consumers and advertising agencies. In a skewed way, this new innovation bares similar attributes to marmite. Although one is edible whilst the other deals with the by-product of eating, they both reach the same conclusion: you either love it or you hate it.







With thousands of students collecting their GCSE results this week, school leavers across the country are facing tough decisions about their future, further education or the world of work?

Young people aren’t strangers to the phrase ‘the market is tight at the moment’; there are limited University places and not many employment options for those who are unskilled or unqualified.

With youth unemployment hovering around one million, it is clear that more needs to be done to prevent higher unemployment figures in the future.

Apprenticeships are extremely beneficial, and an option that needs more focus. The mayor of London is an advocate of this idea and he recently announced that he is “more than half way to hitting his target of creating 100,000 apprenticeships in the capital” by the end of 2012.  London Transport commissioner also comments on the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship, he says that “Apprenticeships provide a great way for people to gain skills they need for a career in many industries”. As more and more young people opt for this opportunity it is essential that they be well prepared to take this option.