Campaigns, Consultancy and Champagne

We have decided to move the date of our PR training launch from 30th November 2012 to 15th January 2013 as this will provide further business opportunities for attendees.

If you would like to attend, please email


Training Day with Through The Door Promotions

Due to popular demand from existing clients, Through The Door Promotions are now offering PR and marketing training workshops. Through The Door Promotions will be offering these unique, informative and innovative workshops to SMEs and startups. The PR and marketing experts at Through The Door Promotions will arrange to visit companies and organisations in their offices and deliver onsite training in a range of strategies.

The courses are designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals with the responsibility for marketing, PR or business development activities. Online PR and social media activities are fast becoming an essential part of any marketing strategy. Using specific case studies, participating in Through The Door Promotions courses will aid businesses and allow them to gain a thorough understanding of the role of PR and marketing and how to use the key aspects effectively.

Within their training courses Through The Door Promotions will be discussing and demonstrating various PR and marketing activities, which are effective and successful and the team will be showing companies how to implement each activity into both their marketing strategies and business. Through The Door Promotions will train businesses in both B2B and B2C marketing and tendering.

Through The Door Promotions may be a young company, consisting of young professionals, but between them they have gained dedicated experience within in-house marketing, business development, branding, journalism and media and they work with various businesses and corporations consisting of brands, corporate, SMEs and startups. Through The Door Promotions feel that their unique qualities place them in a prime position to help businesses improve their marketing strategies and target the younger generation.

In order for SMEs and start-ups to thoroughly understand what they have to offer within their training programs, Through The Door Promotions is cordially inviting you to a complimentary taster session:

Through The Door Promotions, PR and marketing experts invite you to a FREE afternoon of excellent and renowned consultation to help your business see effective results. We will be discussing various marketing strategies, which we have designed to help you promote your business, win new business, achieve sustainability, conduct market research and recognise and manage your corporate responsibilities.

FREE nibbles and wine

Step to the Beat Generation

Jack Kerouac created an entire generation; an explosion of new thinking, freewheeling and experimentation and exploration. Kerouac’s classic fifties novel On The Road defined the iconic and captivating beat generation of writers and poets and singers. Jack Kerouac introduced the phrase “Beat Generation” to characterise a perceived underground, anti conformist youth movement in America. Many thought that the use of the adjective beat reflected the tired and beaten feelings of the younger generation, but Kerouac expanded the meaning to include the undertones of upbeat, beatific and the musical association with being on the beat.

Central elements of the cultural phenomena included experimentation with drugs, exploring sexual orientation, an interest in Eastern religion, a rejection of materialism and the idealising of exuberant, unexpurgated means of expression and being, all of which were documented and inspired many of the artistic interpretations that developed from the Beat Generation.

As well as On the Road (1957), William S. Burroughs’s Naked Lunch (1959) and Allen Ginsberg’s Howl (1956) are among the best known examples of Beat Literature. Both Howl and Naked Lunch were the focus of obscenity trials that ultimately led to the liberation of publishing in the USA.

The members of the Beat Generation developed a reputation as new bohemian hedonists who celebrated and thrived off spontaneous creativity.

In the mid 1950’s the original Beat Generation writers who met in New York, ended up together in San Fran Cisco where they became friends with members of the poignant San Fran Cisco Renaissance. Then, in the 1960’s elements of the expanding Beat movement were incorporated into the Hippie counterculture.

Now it has been given the Hollywood treatment bringing the beat into the 21st century, inspiring a new wave of beat. Kerouac originally wanted Marlon Brando to play the leading man, and wrote a letter asking him to take on the role. However, Brando didn’t respond and Kerouac died before seeing his masterpiece adapted to the screen. In the seventies, Francis Ford Coppola bought the rights to the film, and over the years there has been a great speculation to which actor will play the lead. Now, fifty-five years after it was published, On The Road has finally been adapted to the big screen by Brazilian director Walter Salles. Starring Sam Riley as Sal and Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty, the film is reintroducing the beat to a new generation.

Today’s beat artists include Patti Smith, Gabby Young and Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny all inspired by original beat member Janis Joplin.

Museums are also paying homage to the beat, with Andy Warhol and Richard Avedon – a fashion photographer who documented the Beat Generation – displays in museums across the world.

So strum that guitar, dust of your Dylan record and open your mind. The beat is back!

Health – The Olympic Way

As the consultant nutritionist to the British Olympic Association from 1990 to 2001, Jane Griffin has worked with a range of Olympic Sports including archery, badminton, rowing and canoeing. She has since worked in a variety of teams including English cricket and a number of partnership rugby unions, football and netball clubs. In 2002, Jane received the Ibex award for Professional Achievement from the British Dietetic Association and in the same year was voted one of the top ten leading dieticians in the UK.

So, we can’t think of anyone better to advise us on an Olympians diet and eating habits. Health and fitness are the focus this year, and an athletes diet is equally as important as their training regime.

“While you sit watching the Olympics, think about what those athletes have put into their bodies and think of what’s in yours. Use the Olympics to make some simple changes – try to exercise more and eat more healthily – but don’t lose the enjoyment factor. What better place to start than while watching the Olympics?  Swap the high fat, high salty nibbles – you don’t need them if you are just sitting in a chair. Instead prepare healthy TV snacks and healthy mini meals such as Thai Prawn Cocktail Sandwich or Seeded Carrot Flapjacks or a slightly more substantial meal such as a Halfway Pizza that you can produce quickly at meal times. Buy in plenty of white and brown sliced bread, low fat spread and low fat soft cheese to spread on the bread and then have a supply of suitable fillings ready in the fridge and kitchen.” Explains Jane.

She continues “Healthy ideas for fillings include protein based foods such as sliced and cooked meats, smoked salmon, canned tuna or mackerel, hard boiled eggs chopped and mixed with salad cream or low fat mayonnaise, peanut butter and jam. Remember, these are the sort of foods Olympic athletes have been training on!”

Through The Door Promotions are already stocking up our fridges!

Networking Event

This morning, Through the Door Promotions attended our first networking breakfast. Arriving at the RAF Club in Piccadilly at the bright but early time of 7am.

The networking breakfast happens once a week and is lead by a company called BRX, a business development group and a leading name in business networking.

As we arrived, we were ushered to the president suite where a breakfast was waiting as well as fresh orange juice, which was greatly appreciated in this hot weather. Multiple friendly faces greeted us and handshakes introduced the person attached to them and we were seated around a long table to begin the nuptials.

We expected a less formal event with standing and mingling involved. But instead everyone gave a formal one-minute presentation introducing themselves and their company and what they were looking to gain from the networking event. However, we realised that this was a far more efficient and organized strategy as it ensured that everyone was heard and placed in front of the correct decision makers, and companies could discover what other offerings and referrals were available.

Through the Door Promotions received positive feedback from a number of companies and received two referrals – one for a recruitment company and one from a public speaker. However, the most interesting aspect of the entire morning was receiving a range of cleverly and creatively designed business cards.

That Shit Cray

The ever modest Kanye West announced that “this is the best you will ever see in your life” as he dazzled under the spotlights of London 02 Arena. And last night, Through the Door Promotions was there to catch all of the action. Wearing a Givenchy leather T-shirt, Kanye West was joined on stage by a black clad Jay Z to present the biggest and most elaborate and electrifying show the 02 has ever seen! The two greatest performers nicknamed ‘the Throne’ who both have careers spanning over a decade, united to perform the track list from last years Watch the Throne album as well as diverting to their own extensive back catalogues. Jay Z’s best solo efforts provided well known songs including Empire State of Mind and Run this Town, while Kanye took the audience on a journey through his career performing songs from his first album College Dropout; Jesus Walks and All Falls Down as well as his more recent tracks All of the Lights and Stronger. And unsurprisingly, these solo choices were received with everyone out of their seats dancing and raising their glasses and with Jay Z a veteran of live performances, it is no revelation that he knows how to please a large crowd. And Kanye West must have been extremely satisfied to see over 23,000 people chant the lyrics to 2008 hit Heartless.

The opening sequence saw the pair stand aloft two vast pillars of light, upon which were projected scenes of wild animals. On such scene depicted an ocean view that hosted a great white shark swimming around, portraying the unnerving affect that the superstars were about to fall into their watery graves. Other animals featured included a cheetah and a vicious Doberman. And this animal theme was continued as they launched into ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ with images projected on a large screen including tigers, jaguars and cougars.

Other tracks featured further images that provided a respectful nod to the original music video. Otis came complete with a large American flag whist ‘No Church in the Wild’ offered a petrol bomb treatment.

Michael Jackson was also well and truly present at the arena; with Kanye claiming MJ had passed his gift onto the pair. And the banter continued during ‘All of the Lights’ where he stopped the track to announce, “This is the one time you can get away with it!” concerning the lyric following “Something wrong, I hold my head, MJ gone, our n**** dead!”

As Atlantic recently commented upon, one of the trademarks of the Throne tour has been the finale and Through the Door Promotions were not disappointed! “Big Pimpin”, “Gold Digger” and “99 Problems” were played in quick succession with the encore of “Paris” being played five times.  It is the biggest hip-hop song of the past two years and the entirety of the performance has now set a benchmark to which all stadium hip-hop will be judged.

Happy April!

April is a big month for Through the Door Promotions and a busy one for the team. And we can assure you if your April seemed uneventful, it certainly isn’t now! Public House, Islington is hosting a series of events throughout the month and you would be mad as a hatter to miss them. On Wednesday 8th, Public House are launching their new cocktail menu with a literary twist, and on the 24th they are hosting their 2nd monthly liquid book club with this months book being a Jeeves and Wooster novel and an absolute classic! And if this isn’t enough, Public House has collaborated with Sacred Gin and on the 10th April they are presenting an entirely free evening (which is never a bad thing) specifically for the Islington community. And to top it off in the most glamorous and extravagant fashion, deriving from the closure of the Angel Islington gay bar, Public House is opening its doors on the 19th for its very first “Inter Course” Supper Club. With food, drink and music, this is already proving to be an evening of dazzling entertainment. And with cocktail classes being offered throughout April, we can safely (but not very soberly) say that the cocktails will certainly be flowing.

Last week gave a substantial insight to what April and the rest of 2012 has in store for Through the Door Promotions! And to say that we are excited is an understatement. (We think quivering, nervous wrecks rocking back and forth aimlessly in the corner would be more accurate). With the rate the company is growing, we are super thrilled to announce that we have moved into our new offices in Shoreditch. We are settling in and loving the blackboard wall! We would also like to welcome Hayley Smith to the fold (cult), our new Account Executive. We are all enthusiastic to have her on board and looking forward to seeing the results of her contributions and efforts to the company.

Another glimpse into the future last week showed that not only is the company growing, but so is our reputation and client database. Through the Door Promotions attended a series of beneficial meetings with many potential clients and we are all looking forward to working extremely hard on the up and coming projects and events! Watch this space!

Mark Twain once said, “Work and play are used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.” And here at Through the Door Promotions, this is our thought exactly!