The Cake and Bake Show

The British are embracing baking like never before and it is the biggest growing trend of the year. To celebrate this, the UK’s first baking exhibition is launching at Earls Court in September, and will appeal to home bakers and professionals alike.

The biggest names in baking will be in attendance at the exhibition including the Great British Bake Show judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry as well as winners Edd Kimber and Jo Wheatley along with Eric Lanlard, Richard Bertinet, Fabulous Baker Brother Tom Herbert and renowned chocolatier Paul A Young.

The highlights of the show will include a cake demonstration, a dedicated bread area supported by the Real Bread Campaign, a food market and workshops. And for sugarcraft fans there will be expert led classes and demonstrations, so the event will be packed full of eating, education and entertainment.




Networking Event

This morning, Through the Door Promotions attended our first networking breakfast. Arriving at the RAF Club in Piccadilly at the bright but early time of 7am.

The networking breakfast happens once a week and is lead by a company called BRX, a business development group and a leading name in business networking.

As we arrived, we were ushered to the president suite where a breakfast was waiting as well as fresh orange juice, which was greatly appreciated in this hot weather. Multiple friendly faces greeted us and handshakes introduced the person attached to them and we were seated around a long table to begin the nuptials.

We expected a less formal event with standing and mingling involved. But instead everyone gave a formal one-minute presentation introducing themselves and their company and what they were looking to gain from the networking event. However, we realised that this was a far more efficient and organized strategy as it ensured that everyone was heard and placed in front of the correct decision makers, and companies could discover what other offerings and referrals were available.

Through the Door Promotions received positive feedback from a number of companies and received two referrals – one for a recruitment company and one from a public speaker. However, the most interesting aspect of the entire morning was receiving a range of cleverly and creatively designed business cards.

That Shit Cray

The ever modest Kanye West announced that “this is the best you will ever see in your life” as he dazzled under the spotlights of London 02 Arena. And last night, Through the Door Promotions was there to catch all of the action. Wearing a Givenchy leather T-shirt, Kanye West was joined on stage by a black clad Jay Z to present the biggest and most elaborate and electrifying show the 02 has ever seen! The two greatest performers nicknamed ‘the Throne’ who both have careers spanning over a decade, united to perform the track list from last years Watch the Throne album as well as diverting to their own extensive back catalogues. Jay Z’s best solo efforts provided well known songs including Empire State of Mind and Run this Town, while Kanye took the audience on a journey through his career performing songs from his first album College Dropout; Jesus Walks and All Falls Down as well as his more recent tracks All of the Lights and Stronger. And unsurprisingly, these solo choices were received with everyone out of their seats dancing and raising their glasses and with Jay Z a veteran of live performances, it is no revelation that he knows how to please a large crowd. And Kanye West must have been extremely satisfied to see over 23,000 people chant the lyrics to 2008 hit Heartless.

The opening sequence saw the pair stand aloft two vast pillars of light, upon which were projected scenes of wild animals. On such scene depicted an ocean view that hosted a great white shark swimming around, portraying the unnerving affect that the superstars were about to fall into their watery graves. Other animals featured included a cheetah and a vicious Doberman. And this animal theme was continued as they launched into ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ with images projected on a large screen including tigers, jaguars and cougars.

Other tracks featured further images that provided a respectful nod to the original music video. Otis came complete with a large American flag whist ‘No Church in the Wild’ offered a petrol bomb treatment.

Michael Jackson was also well and truly present at the arena; with Kanye claiming MJ had passed his gift onto the pair. And the banter continued during ‘All of the Lights’ where he stopped the track to announce, “This is the one time you can get away with it!” concerning the lyric following “Something wrong, I hold my head, MJ gone, our n**** dead!”

As Atlantic recently commented upon, one of the trademarks of the Throne tour has been the finale and Through the Door Promotions were not disappointed! “Big Pimpin”, “Gold Digger” and “99 Problems” were played in quick succession with the encore of “Paris” being played five times.  It is the biggest hip-hop song of the past two years and the entirety of the performance has now set a benchmark to which all stadium hip-hop will be judged.

Public House’s First Ever Liquid Book Club

This March 20th – will see Public House’s first ever liquid book club. You must be thinking .. liquid? What do you mean by liquid? Well…. we mean alcohol. Every month we shall meet, having read a book with alcohol related themes. We shall meet at Public House, situated in islington – and discuss the book and drink cocktails that are featured in the book.

For example, this month we are reading John Updike’s Couples:

Ten couples live in Tarbox, an out-of-the-way New England town. They form an exclusive group that feeds on petty rivalries, secrets, wordplay, entertaining, skiing, drinking and sex. Discreetly swapping partners, they conduct their rituals under the watchful eye of their self-appointed ringmaster, Freddy Thorne. but when Piet Hanema and Foxy Whitman have an affair, they reject expediency and caution, and for once the other unshockable couples are deeply shocked. Soon couples at play will become couples at war…..

If you are interested in coming a long – please contact us via a post or call us on 02034273665 or email

Roses are red, violets are blue… but is this commercial holiday really for you?

Working with restaurants and bars as you can imagine, means that we are heavily involved in the chaotic preparation that is Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a strange one for the team at Through The Door, where we all remain undecided about this holiday, with conflicted opinions. Undeniably the the concept behind the holiday is a pleasant story – honoring the early Christian martyr names Saint Valentine. Traditionally, a day where lovers express their love for one another through quaint gifts like flowers and confectionary, this holiday has been an ongoing debate since as early as 496 AD, when it was first established by Pope Gelasius  but was later removed in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.

Yes… the day brings people happiness and love needs to be recognised as an important emotion – not just something you hear people singing about! But it’s such a sad thought that it has become so disingenuous these days, with large corporations and retailers somewhat preying on people’s love.

This year Through The Door is going in two opposite directions – firstly we are taking  a stand against the cheesy commercialised, greeting card, Valentines day. We shall only be endorsing a truly romantic evening for true lovers… A restaurant that exudes romance and love, like our much talked about restaurant Lena. Lena, is undoubtedly one of the only Italian restaurants that does Valentines day naturally well. Secondly, we are going in the complete opposite direction and helping all the singletons out there – who yet again don’t need to be surrounded by this disingenuous bullsh*t holiday, and provide them with the ultimate retreat that is Public House.

Public House, another fantastic venue – will be helping the singletons or the “I hate Commerical holiday’s,” t-shirt wearing lovers, and will be having a fun filled night for those who would sooner spend the night eating garlic, good food, holding a  tub of vaseline and a kleenix in their left hand.


Some of the photos have finally arrived from the Vintage Relaunch party… only a few however. As previously discussed, Through The Door Promotions helped design, relaunch and brand VINTAGE. It was an exceptionally stressful time, but certainly rewarding.

Let us know your thoughts on the design..

The Ultimate Food Bucket List

Through The Door Promotions is a unique PR company based in the heart of Shoreditch. Through The Door works closely with some of the most individual and talked about venues in London. We work with restaurants, bars and clubs  each with their own personality, just like us !

At present Through The Door Promotions is growing dramatically every single day – sometimes it’s tough to keep up with. One minute, we shut our eyes and a new exciting opportunity comes our way! Last week was pretty crazy for us – we relaunched and rebranding Chateau 6 in Fulham Broadway (now known as Vintage). It took a lot of work and a lot of painting, and we only had a £1500 budget and furthermore a week and bit to complete the whole transformation. Hopefully the photos of the night and the relaunch party will be with us by tomorrow – so we shall upload them then. The relaunch was extremely stressful, considering the fact that the venue is located on the other side of London.  The amount of journeys we made back and forth carrying ridiculous ornaments through the streets, was highly amusing. However, now being back in the office and being able to reflect on what we achieved it leaves us feeling very happy – and as we write this we cant help but  feel quite emotional as never did we think the day would come!

Anyway, now that the relaunch is over and done with and VINTAGE can stand on its own two feet – it leaves us time to engage with the world once more! Through The Door Promotions, being the foodies that we are – will be working on a the Ultimate Food Bucket List and we need you guys to help us out slightly….

Yes, we have loads of places we want to go but it would be great to hear some of your suggestions on what you would long to eat before you die – it can be a dish you have never tried or it can be a dish that you cant live without and know that before that time comes, you would need to eat it!

Through The Door Promotions recently created a MeetUp page, which is very exciting! To help us with our ‘Ultimate Food Bucket List’ – we will be trying out different foods at different restaurants throughout London, and we would love for you to join us! On February 8th @ 7.30pm, we shall be going to Lena Restaurant to try some of the Ultimate Italian Classics… take a look at our MeetUp Page for more information…

Let us know if you have any more suggestions for the Ultimate Food Bucket List!!!!!