Raw talent with Sushi

Our mothers always told us not to play with our food but George Nemsadze, a graduate from Central Saint Martins has proved that sometimes, playing with ones food is not only fun, but also productive. If the product of us playing with our food gets to be hung up in the world-renowned restaurant Chino Latino, then that sure is a productive outcome. Take George’s sushi dress for example.

Made from a blend of seaweed paper, sushi and silk organza, this statement dress features beautiful sheens and bold, graphical print making it perfect for Spring/Summer 2013. The masterpiece was made in lieu of London Fashion Week, drawing from the variety of styles often seen at this event.

With London Fashion Week being the perfect opportunity to celebrate the different forms that fashion, architecture and cuisine come in and it took just 50 sheets of seaweed paper to celebrate the arts in a completely innovative way. No more, no less. Thankfully, this food fashion fusion is available for viewing at the Chino Latino restaurant lobby, located in Park Plaza Riverbank throughout the fashion week and promotes a lively oriental atmosphere for all to enjoy. Better still, during London Fashion Week, bookings made will receive a 25% discount but be sure to quote LFW 12 when pre-booking the table.

There are many famous attractions around the area and with the food, customer service and overall attention to detail complimentary enough to receive a double AA rosette award, you are sure to leave a very satisfied customer.


Ripped to Shreds

A cutting edge new report aims to destroy many of the myths surrounding fat loss and muscle gain.

The report, Ripped to Shreds, has been co-authored by Liverpool duo Shaun Petafi and Dean Connor and has brought fitness and nutrition in to a whole new era, using the latest scientific literature behind rapid body transformation.

Shaun Petafi believes people looking to improve their physique through diet and exercise are frequently accessing obsolete information.

I think it’s safe to say that no matter how determined one is to lose weight, we all have our days where we would love to chuck the regimented eating schedule into the bin and simply collapse on the treadmill. Well, its not recommended that one collapses on the treadmill as it may result in slight bruising but according to the Ripped To Shreds report skipping breakfast may actually be the way to slimming down- fast.

Waiting for 14-16 hours is also one of the reports suggested methods to speed up weight loss. Simply leave a 14-16 hours gap between your last meal the night before and your lunch as this gives your body a break allowing it to process the food from the day before. That’s all it takes to make your body a “master of controlling insulin”.

As for exercise, we’ve been taught that the longer you exercise for, the more fat is burnt. Well how about the idea that exercising for long periods of time actually encourages your body to store fat? The time taken to boil an egg- 6mins- is a time saving routine that re-programmes how the body uses fat for energy. Whether your lounging on the sofa or panting on the floor afterthis workout, only after 36 hours does your metabolism stop ‘raging’. Awesome.

Kindness UK

The London 2012 Olympics was the epitome of patriotism, sincerity, pride and British culture and attitude. When something big happens, we all come together and share the experience.  And we are sure that Great Britain will share this enthusiasm for the upcoming Paralympics also!

The legacy is the next topic of discussion, and whatever is decided, the London 2012 Olympics and the British attitude should continue, and Kindness UK are making sure that it will.

Kindness UK, a non-profit humanitarian organisation with the sole endeavor of sharing, promoting and uniting kindness, are soon hosting a General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement at their Cricklewood Headquarters from the 18th – 20th September 2012. The conference will bring together kindness movement from across the world including Australia, China, Dubai, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the USA and obviously the UK. Chosen members of the public will join the delegates and Dr. David R. Hamilton PhD, a world expert in Oxytocin (the Happy Hormone) will be presenting.

David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK said; ‘we are incredibly excited that London can once again be the forefront of developing a brighter and kinder future.”



Beauty is evolving

What does an Olympian and beauty have in common? Fearlessness. Travelling beyond your comfort zone and landing in unchartered territory is the ultimate bravery. With athletics, it is all about pushing your body to extremes and going further than you went previously. With beauty, it is all about taking self-expression to new extremes, playing with ideas and creativity. Beauty is no longer about perfection and conforming to make up.

Long before the arrivals of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, women (and men) were wearing black, orange and green lipstick, dyeing their hair bright purple and blue and wearing aggressive bobs and fringes. Dip dyes were out and so were brightly coloured eye shadows but David Bowie was a style icon and punks and Goths were cool. And now 2012, it feels like these looks are being vindicated by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Gaga and Perry. And it seems that this sense of fearlessness is creeping into the once conservative beauty industry and is adorning the insiders with bright lilac hair and unconventional piercings, which, 15 years ago, would have been ludicrous. Back then, beauty career girls would have been flawless, with immaculate blow dries, natural make up, the latest shade of clear nail varnish and kitten heels shined to reflection; polished and professional, but cautious and conventional.

So we are pleased to announce that beauty is evolving…beautifully. Estee Lauder – once extremely conservative – now produces a gorgeous gunmetal grey lipstick launching this autumn. And catwalk beauty for AW12 has thus far been a carnival array of experimental looks, contrasting colours and shouldn’t be shades. Orange is the new natural with eyebrows and hair donning the autumn colour, and black gothic lips with hints of blue have been seen within the Versace collection.

Match purple clothing with orange make up and hair and not only will you stand out from the crowd, you will lead them.

AllSaints Celebrate Berlin Fashion Week in Style

Berlin fashion week was kicked off with an exclusive celebration held at the Friedrichstrasse AllSaints’ store. Popular music and even more popular fashion figures were prominent features within the celebrations.

Sneak previews of the new A/W12 collection, launching 19th July were on show and with copious amounts of positive feedback and applause; the designer can rest in the knowledge that the full collection will receive an equal reception from the public.

Guests were treated to live music including Azari & III, Blitz Kids and Eva Padberg (German model, singer and actress) and spoiled with a €25 gift card and a delicious selection of Babuska vodka cocktails and Tiger Beer.

With the companies Basement sessions, which exhibit live performances, interviews and podcasts of new members of the industry for a worldwide audience, music has always been extremely important to AllSaints’ so the impulsive and spontaneous music of Azari & III was a perfect present from AllSaints’ to Berlin.

AllSaints hope that the event has provided further confirmation that they are a brand that’s enthusiastic about music as well as fashion.