Campaigns, Consultancy and Champagne

We have decided to move the date of our PR training launch from 30th November 2012 to 15th January 2013 as this will provide further business opportunities for attendees.

If you would like to attend, please email


Training Day with Through The Door Promotions

Due to popular demand from existing clients, Through The Door Promotions are now offering PR and marketing training workshops. Through The Door Promotions will be offering these unique, informative and innovative workshops to SMEs and startups. The PR and marketing experts at Through The Door Promotions will arrange to visit companies and organisations in their offices and deliver onsite training in a range of strategies.

The courses are designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals with the responsibility for marketing, PR or business development activities. Online PR and social media activities are fast becoming an essential part of any marketing strategy. Using specific case studies, participating in Through The Door Promotions courses will aid businesses and allow them to gain a thorough understanding of the role of PR and marketing and how to use the key aspects effectively.

Within their training courses Through The Door Promotions will be discussing and demonstrating various PR and marketing activities, which are effective and successful and the team will be showing companies how to implement each activity into both their marketing strategies and business. Through The Door Promotions will train businesses in both B2B and B2C marketing and tendering.

Through The Door Promotions may be a young company, consisting of young professionals, but between them they have gained dedicated experience within in-house marketing, business development, branding, journalism and media and they work with various businesses and corporations consisting of brands, corporate, SMEs and startups. Through The Door Promotions feel that their unique qualities place them in a prime position to help businesses improve their marketing strategies and target the younger generation.

In order for SMEs and start-ups to thoroughly understand what they have to offer within their training programs, Through The Door Promotions is cordially inviting you to a complimentary taster session:

Through The Door Promotions, PR and marketing experts invite you to a FREE afternoon of excellent and renowned consultation to help your business see effective results. We will be discussing various marketing strategies, which we have designed to help you promote your business, win new business, achieve sustainability, conduct market research and recognise and manage your corporate responsibilities.

FREE nibbles and wine

Is your Company utilising Instagram?

Due to the increase of social networking and mobile usage, companies and brands need to utilise all available platforms in order to remain at the forefront of their industries. Many companies are missing the chance to reach new and existing customers through these exciting and innovative tools, which are readily available to all businesses and most often for free.

Instagram, a photo-sharing platform, launched in 2010, and within the space of two years as reached 20 million users who have uploaded over 400 million images. The service allows users to upload an image, add a digital filter and share it across other social networking sites including the key player Facebook and Twitter.

The most beneficial aspect to using social media is that all platforms are connected and this includes blogs created via WordPress. Users can add an image from Instagram and it can be posted to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn fashion social network Trendabl automatically. When a blog is posted on WordPress, the link appears on all social networking sites providing an consistent presence and providing opportunities to reach a larger audience.

Along with Instagram, Statigram has been developed, an Instagram web viewer and search tool. This is a hugely beneficial tool for businesses as it allows them to directly monitor views and interaction.

Last year, like Twitter, Instagram added a hash tag function to help users reach out to other users and discover relevant images by grouping common themes together. Statigram allows users of Instagram to search for these hash tags, as well as giving them access to their images online and source information on who has engaged with their profile.

Consumer brands and corporate companies can use Instagram and its hash tag capabilities as social media marketing tools in a number of creative ways, such as promoting events, products and services. Tiffany & Co proved how effective social media can be, using Instagram as part of a campaign to promote their new range of jewellery, the company asked people to take photos that represented and illustrated love and apply to the given hash tag #truelovepictures. Not only did this allow the company to identify the campaign’s success, but also, everyone who took part operated as brand ambassadors for the new products.

Instagram is a simple tool to use and with added functions like the hash tag and filters, it makes images visually appealing and also easy to find.

Through The Door Promotions understand that due to the increase of usage of both mobile social network usage and smartphone cameras, online interaction levels are extremely high. Brands, which sell tangible and visually pleasing products such as fashion brands or cocktail bars are missing out on various opportunities if they aren’t using it. If brands are already utilising other social networking platforms, it be hugely beneficial to add Instagram into their social media strategy to increase the levels of engagement and develop brand awareness effectively.



Working Remotely

Sporting summer may spell end of British office culture, as we know it.

The summers sporting events have boosted appetite for flexible working according to a survey undertaken by Vodafone UK.

Following their working experiences over the last two weeks, over 50% of workers in London have stated that they want and with would choose to work flexibly more often.

Almost a quarter of employed Londoners altered their normal working arrangements during the period, achieving better productivity. Over half of employers either already enable flexible working, or now appear to be more open it.

This legacy of the London 2012 Olympics may be responsible for a fundamental shift in British office culture. Employers are becoming increasingly open to allowing various and new ways of working.

Peter Boucher, commercial marketing director at Vodafone UK, commented, “It is not surprising that the events of the last two weeks are emerging as a turning point in the way Britain is working. For employers and their staff, this has been a taster for a different way of doing business, many will have found that this can be just as effective – and often more so- than the traditional nine-to-five at your office desk.”

However, even though many of the 24% of employees who changed their working habits claimed that working from home during the Olympics increased productivity, a smaller share complained of distractions and disruptions and struggled with technology and information access.

But many employees, even those who decided not to work from home, noted during the Vodafone UK survey that they felt that they had given all the equipment needed to work effectively while away from the office. The gap was more pronounced in the Public Sector than the Private Sector. 19% of all respondents stated that they use their own hardware to wore remotely, but more than one in five said they have to be present in the office to work.

Peter Boucher concluded; “with the cost of mobile ad broadband technologies coming down and initiatives such as “bring your own device” offering further cost and management advantages, there are fewer and fewer reasons for businesses to tie staff to their office chair. Productivity is best measured by results achieved, rather than by the amount of time spent in the office each day.”

Kindness UK

The London 2012 Olympics was the epitome of patriotism, sincerity, pride and British culture and attitude. When something big happens, we all come together and share the experience.  And we are sure that Great Britain will share this enthusiasm for the upcoming Paralympics also!

The legacy is the next topic of discussion, and whatever is decided, the London 2012 Olympics and the British attitude should continue, and Kindness UK are making sure that it will.

Kindness UK, a non-profit humanitarian organisation with the sole endeavor of sharing, promoting and uniting kindness, are soon hosting a General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement at their Cricklewood Headquarters from the 18th – 20th September 2012. The conference will bring together kindness movement from across the world including Australia, China, Dubai, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the USA and obviously the UK. Chosen members of the public will join the delegates and Dr. David R. Hamilton PhD, a world expert in Oxytocin (the Happy Hormone) will be presenting.

David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK said; ‘we are incredibly excited that London can once again be the forefront of developing a brighter and kinder future.”



Around the World in a day

With the Olympics drawing the world’s focus onto Great Britain and London, we are shining the light back on the rest of the world. After scouring the globe – pardon the pun – we are reporting the most important stories of the week. Be prepared for the world changing, wonderful and outright wacky news stories.


US Government has issued a statement declaring that mermaids do not exist. But, believe it or not, there is a reason behind this. A mockumentary, shown in May entitled Mermaids: The Body Found was broadcast in May on Animal Planet. But due to the shows format, some viewers believed the events and case studies portrayed and were convinced that what they were being shown was real footage. The National Ocean Service was forced to explain, “no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”


With their large amber eyes, their squirrel like tails and their talented ability to walk sideways, as well as their stigma developed from the Madagascar franchise, Lemurs are the jokers of the jungle. However, they are also one of the world’s most endangered species. It has been revealed that 103 species of lemurs are endangered. This works out that 91% of lemurs are threatened. Lemurs are native to Madagascar, but most of the natural vegetation has been lost. But, there is a silver lining; a new, unnamed species of lemur has been recently discovered.


Food lovers and regular diners looking for a new, unique culinary experience will not be disappointed by the newly opened Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. Alcohol, sushi and scantily clad cabaret performers in the form of female robots are combined. The robots are controlled by equally scantily cladded women, but diners are also able to handle the controls by using specially designed joysticks.


Abortion laws in Turkey are already extremely strict, but laws and restrictions are about to get tighter still. If the proposed legislation is passed, medical professionals will be given the right to deny a woman of an abortion if she is over ten weeks, unless the pregnancy is having a detrimental effect on her health.

The bill is also fighting for three years in prison for any woman who has an abortion that isn’t medically necessary. The current prison sentence is one year.


It is one of Da Vinci’s biggest mysteries, and one of the world’s most infamous and speculative artworks, but the story behind Mona Lisa may be about to be solved. Archaeologists have been excavating in Florence, which they believe is the burial place for history’s most famous woman. Researchers say that they may have I covered her skeleton underneath the alter of an abandoned nunnery, where is it believed that Lisa Gherardini (Mona Lisa) Scientists are still in the process of identifying