The little red notification holds renewed power

A little red notification on Facebook always acts as the perfect distraction no matter what one was previously doing. Whether working on a few documents or having a social gathering with a few colleagues or friends, curiosity usually gets the better of us and acts as the driving force behind us checking our notifications. Comufy, a leading provider of social media marketing software has developed a system that plays to our curiosity notifying us through Facebook about app updates. Although many of us may have used several apps on Facebook before, the chances are that as time goes on, we use it less consistently or stop using it altogether either because we forget about it or are not notified about relevant updates. This innovative system involving Facebook is the first of its kind and allows brands to send personalised messages to large numbers of Facebook app users, re-enaging them and giving the apps more longevity. Surveys are useful for improving customer service and for collecting data that improves the way firms operate but the act of filling out the actual survey can sometimes be time consuming and tedious. With Comufys latest innovation, data can be collected in their thousands (with permission) when the user signs up to the app, and such data is then made available for analysis by marketers. Some may find themselves disappointed when the notification reveals an app update whilst others may be glad to know what latest features their favourite apps boast. Whichever category one falls into, Comufys newest software is sure to work wonders amongst the general public and certainly marketers.

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