The benefits of Social Media Marketing

“It’s about turning fans and customers into an army of powerful brand advocates”.

Today, social media is more than just a channel or a tactic; it is a strategy that should be present in every aspect of marketing. It is about listening to and interacting with consumers and using social media to impact thousands of people, raise brand awareness and increase revenue.

Marketo, the leading provider of cloud-based marketing software has announced its all-new Definitive Guide to Social Marketing. The guide explains how marketers can unlock the peer-to-peer communications and recommendations that are inherent in social to amplify the impact of every campaign.

Answering questions such as “Why does my business need social?” and “How can I incorporate social marketing into everyday marketing campaigns?” the Definitive Guide to Social Marketing boasts 80 pages of fresh ideas combined with expert insight guaranteed to make your business grow through simple everyday steps.

Whether your business is a start up, SME or an established brand, the detailed strategies in this guide for leveraging the top social networks will be extremely beneficial to business.

“People trust what their friends and peers have to say about a company much more than they trust what the company has to say about itself.” Said Jon Miller, Vice President of marketing content and strategy at Marketo.



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