Peter Jones Enterprise Academy launches

In light of high university fees, private initiatives are seeking to get students into a meaningful education course for a fraction of the price. In fact, some of these courses allow a genuine taste of working life and are far more useful in prepping the younger generation for exploiting opportunities in the real business world.

Reading College recently announced the launch of Peter Jones Enterprise Academy available to enrol in the 2012-10213 academic year. Unlike college, this course is shaped to take on a work environment style – students will dress smart and work 5 days a week on interactive projects, meeting and working with local enterprises. Where information extracted from a book teaches what needs to be, this experience provides a fantastic opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs and teaches young ambitious students how to set up their own business. Their peers are inclined to be like-minded, thus creating an excellent networking web for students to capitalize on in the future.

Since Oxford and Cherwell Valley College took charge of Reading College in 2010, the quality and helpfulness of apprenticeships has been evident. Emphasis on working with local business engages students’ minds and hones their skills in a sustainable method because it gives back to the community. Over 300 people currently participate in apprenticeship programmes via Reading College across over 150 different employees.

Lesley Donoghue, Principle of Reading College maintains “We are delighted to continue Reading College’s tradition of offering high quality vocational training to the local are. As university tuition fees rise and the competition for graduate employment intensifies, it’s important that students feel they have an alternative route into work or higher education.” A vast number of metropolitan universities offer useless course for a mere £27,000 over 3 years. It is refreshing to see a worthwhile cost effective college offering important and useful courses.


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