iPhone 5 is finally here!

For some people the culmination of an exciting summer was the release of the Iphone 5. It’s epic. Everyone knows about it, everyone wants one! This is the way of the world we live in, keep up or die. Technology simply involves everyone and everything we do. Technological companies are amongst the most financially successful in the world. It is not unfamiliar that everyone else invests vast sums of capital to keep up with the latest technological trends.

However a startling revelation outlined in the 4th World quality report reveals organizations are struggling to manage challenges of the mobile era. Incredibly 51% of firms are still testing their mobiles as an in-house function. Unfortunately this is done without any internal capabilities and thus companies are failing to keep up! Confidence in firm’s software capabilities is grossly lacking – 59% characterize their internal quality assurance (QA) teams as merely “average”.

Michael de Meijer, Global Service Line Testing Lead of Capgemini Group claims “Consistent and reliable software applications have become critical to the operations of many organizations. Yet the lack of confidence in most companies’ internal capabilities to monitor and test the quality of their software is resounding, particularly when it comes to mobile applications”.

An important development set to further combine technology and business is the emergence of cloud computing. A promising sign is that testing in the cloud is set to increase 10% by 2015 demonstrating the benefits of the cloud outweigh its perils.


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