Applications down by 30%

Figures show that 138 applications were made for every job vacancy in England in August 2012, down from 198 applications of August 2011. A staggering 30% drop. The impact of the Olympics and Paralympics in London this summer on the jobs market is illustrated dramatically by CV Screen’s findings that there was a 30% decrease in the number of job applications in August 2012 compared with August 2011.


Commenting on the figures, Matthew Iveson the Managing Director of IT Recruiter, CV Screen commented “Certainly no-one will be surprised that there has been a drop in applications during the Games, but certainly a 30% decrease is fairly dramatic.”


Productivity decreased during the games, but the games unarguably brought in a lot of business via tourism and building the relevant infrastructure.


The British public has been proudly united by our homegrown successes of Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis, Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, David Weir, Tom Daley, Andy Murray, and Jonnie Peacock as well as countless other sporting legends made by the games. But now the Games are over, the amount of applications are expected to increase.


As IT recruiter CV screen’s Matthew Iveson comments: “We’re hopeful that one of the legacies of London 2012 will be that the UK economy will be kicked-started as the UK has certainly showcased it’s abilities to a Global audience.”


With job applications on the rise, it looks like competition for the class of 2013 is going to be at an all time high, but at least businesses are starting to expand meaning the creation of more future jobs and ultimately a more productive Britain.



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