Gossip gone too far?

Without naming and shaming any particular newspapers or magazines (we all know who they are) it is simply unbelievable the sheer amount of interminable drivel that certain publications use to fill their pages. These somehow stack newsagent shelves and eventually find their way to our homes and offices. Don’t get me wrong, gospel can be highly contagious, I myself am partial to a cheeky peruse whilst I’m on the toilet…exactly where some of these stories belong!

It is evident that many of these stories are untrue and can be quite hurtful for the subject involved. A classic example is the “she’s pregnant” story. Very recently global sweetheart Kate Middleton Aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has been plastered over the press with claims she is now pregnant. One paper even claimed she was pregnant last November meaning she would have a child by now. Perhaps she’s just enjoying the delicious foods that are aligned to being in the royal family! It is a very personal topic and definitely puts added pressure on her – it is simply unfair. And we like the royals in this office don’t you know!

This is simply one of many examples where some papers print stories for the sake of it with no regard for the personal consequences of their actions. However, they exist because consumers are clearly eager to read what they have to say.


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