Get the latest Make-Up tips

If you were wondering what the new make up trends for this season are, then look no further. The three best make up tips to get you looking sultry and seductive are as follows:

Grey Smokey Eyes

Sweep a light grey shadow across the eyelid right up to the brow bone and blend in. with a soft eye shadow brush, apply a darker grey or black eye shadow to the crease of your eye lid and the outer corners of each eye. Apply black liquid eyeliner across the lash line and finish with mascara for a very sexy Smokey eye effect. To make the look more intense, use a thin hard brush to add a line of grey eye shadow along the lash line of your lower lids.

Scarlet Red Lips

For that Marilyn Monroe smile, apply a red lip liner carefully outlining your lips. Then use the lip liner to colour your lips in completely. Take a red lipstick of your choice and go over your lips, going up to, but not covering the outer edge of the lip liner. For maximum wear, press tissue against your lips and then apply a dust of pressed powder.

Radiant Skin Glow

Apply a tinted moisturiser that is similar in colour to your own skin tone, and not too dark, blending evenly in circular motions from your face right down to your neck. Once dry, apply a pressed powder foundation in a darker colour than your skin tone, perhaps a bronze or peach colour. Sweep in an upward motion along your cheekbones, starting in the middle of your cheeks right up to your temples.


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