Fashion is once again Victorious

The Victorian era of British history was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 until January 1901. Reflecting on the period it is most commonly related to the Gladstone and Disraeli affair, Tennyson poetry and most prominently eccentric Victorian fashion trends.

Bolstered by Britain’s technological progression during the industrial revolution, the emergence of sewing machines had led to the developments of designing techniques such as “trimming” and “lacing”. Fashion trends in Victorian Britain consisted of un-corseted tea gowns for informal entertaining and hats also grew immensely in popularity.

These types of fashion trends are plastered across our television screens due to the rise in popularity of period dramas. The movement is also making its way to the cinema with upcoming period drama film Effie out next spring. The Victorian fashion trend has currently taken the fashion world by storm sweeping the runways at New York and Milan fashion week.

Victorian style will be a common feature this summer in London. Tate Britain is about to unveil its blockbuster autumn exhibition – Pre-Raphaelites and London Fashion Week will no doubt showcase elegant designs of the Victorian era.


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