On this day: 2001 – US devastated by act of terror

On this day – 11th September 2001 – four planes were hijacked of which two infamously crashed into the North and South buildings of the World Trade Centre. This marked one of the greatest disasters of our generation and is imprinted in the hearts of people everywhere in the world. Never before on a grand scale had a catastrophe been cold-heartedly, meticulously planned with the objective to cause destruction. The effects were substantial and globally far-reaching – the threat of terrorism is rife and still impacts us today. Immediately after the attacks the stock exchange closed for 6 days and economically the world still hasn’t recovered. From a cultural perspective the socio-political climate including; works of art, music, literature, poetry, theatre, film, and popular culture were greatly affected post 9/11.

To destroy a life is to destroy a world” (Talmud). On this day 2977 worlds were lost as a result of the attacks.  Out of the chaos stories of immense courage have emerged, and whilst every victim deserves a mention this blog will share one story of particular bravery. Todd Beamer, a passenger on hijacked United Airline flight 93 was a lead organizer in a rebellion planning to force their way into the cockpit and jumping on the terrorists. Despite their best efforts in the face of a desperate situation all 40 passengers died when the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Beamer left behind a pregnant wife and 2 sons and has been hailed a national hero.

On this sad day the world remembers an awful tragedy that will never been forgotten, and collectively we wish all those that lost their lives to rest in peace.


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