The perfect ending to the perfect British Summer

The United Kingdom welcomed the Olympians with open arms as they came in their multitude to showcase their talents with the rest of the world. The long awaited 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games ended as a success for team GB. They managed to achieve an astounding 63 gold, 60 silver and 62 bronze, 18 more than Beijing 2008. The 2012 games also provided thousands of people with a job opportunity of a lifetime; it’s not every year that the Olympics will be hosted in Great Britain. Many were proud to be a part of the games in whatever way possible, from cleaners, cashiers, volunteers and security men. A unifying factor amongst all these groups of people is that there was a sense of community.

The Paralympics closing ceremony ended with a bang just as Director Kim Gavin “plenty of eccentrics”. Some of the things witnessed were steampunk, metallic dinosaurs and truck motorcade. The stadium was filled with excitement and celebration in honour of the hard work of the athletes. There is also going to be a parade led by the Champions through London today.

After today, the Olympic Park will be closed for two years as it goes through a transformation and will reopen in 2014 as the Queen II Olympic Park. It is great to know that the Park will not be demolished as previously planned. Other games such as the IAAF world athletics championship is also going to be taking place there in 2017. The games have definitely placed Britain in a good light and hopefully the next few events that will be held there in a couple years’ time will also do the same.


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