Stay safe in the toilet!

Dorset based luxury ‘bathroom expert’ Robert Muhl has produced a guide on “How to Use the Toilet without being injured or Killed.”

The guide has been produced in response to reading alarming bathroom accident statistics.

“Mercifully we keep most of the details of our average of 2500 annual bathroom indiscretions to ourselves but hospital statistics support the fact that bathrooms can be a very dangerous place, specifically the toilet.” Says Robert.

Robert summarises the 3 main points if the guide as follows 1. Always make sure your toilet seat is fitted correctly. 2. Keep the toilet lid down at all times between visits. 3. Never stand on the toilet.

Robert continues, “That’s the reason why I’ve produced my own 3 step guide. I don’t know of another guide like it out anywhere out there. It may seem a funny thing to do but broken bones and worse injuries are a serious matter wherever they happen.”

The UK A&E hospital statistics reflect the results of the same study carried out in the US, which showed 40,000 people being injured every year by their toilet with children being the recipients of some of the worst injuries often by falling down the toilet.

“Who knows, following my simple three step toilet safety guide could even save your life”.


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