Rolling Stones celebrate 5 decades of Rock and Roll

The Rolling Stones are an iconic band not only in British Rock and Roll history but were one of the first bands to break the European market and took North America by storm. The Rolling Stones were voted number 10 on Billboard’s top artists of all time and had no less than 57 number one hits.

Spanning 5 decades, the Rolling Stones have brought out in excess of 20 studio albums. This is an incredible achievement although the Stones are perhaps best known for the style and sounds they bring to their live shows, which are still selling out today!

7 years on from their previous album, Stones fans around the world would be pleased to learn that Rolling Stones, ABKCO Music & Records and Universal Music Group have announced the release of GRRR – a greatest hit album. It is available in 5 different formats including a 3 CD 50 track version, and will be a diverse collection from their 1963 track “Come on” to their chart toppers including (I can’t get no) Satisfaction.

With fans from all generations, the news is inclined to delight followers of all ages – lets just hope this isn’t their last album!


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