Raw talent with Sushi

Our mothers always told us not to play with our food but George Nemsadze, a graduate from Central Saint Martins has proved that sometimes, playing with ones food is not only fun, but also productive. If the product of us playing with our food gets to be hung up in the world-renowned restaurant Chino Latino, then that sure is a productive outcome. Take George’s sushi dress for example.

Made from a blend of seaweed paper, sushi and silk organza, this statement dress features beautiful sheens and bold, graphical print making it perfect for Spring/Summer 2013. The masterpiece was made in lieu of London Fashion Week, drawing from the variety of styles often seen at this event.

With London Fashion Week being the perfect opportunity to celebrate the different forms that fashion, architecture and cuisine come in and it took just 50 sheets of seaweed paper to celebrate the arts in a completely innovative way. No more, no less. Thankfully, this food fashion fusion is available for viewing at the Chino Latino restaurant lobby, located in Park Plaza Riverbank throughout the fashion week and promotes a lively oriental atmosphere for all to enjoy. Better still, during London Fashion Week, bookings made will receive a 25% discount but be sure to quote LFW 12 when pre-booking the table.

There are many famous attractions around the area and with the food, customer service and overall attention to detail complimentary enough to receive a double AA rosette award, you are sure to leave a very satisfied customer.


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