Mantis teams up with Top Gear

BBC flagship show Top Gear has a huge influence in the motoring industry attracting an estimated 350 million viewers per week in no less than 170 countries according to CBS news. Since Top Gear’s re-launch in 2002, 18 seasons consisting of 147 episodes have been made and its Christmas specials are eagerly anticipated. This is a testament to the shows originality, wit and consistent format whereby its features include; vehicle reviews, challenges and of course the iconic figure “The Stig”.

There is no doubt that Richard Hammond’s love for Porches inadvertently encourages fans to buy this car over others. Each time Jeremy Clarkson makes a snide remark about Rovers, viewers are less affectionate towards it. Ultimately, Top Gear has a substantial selling influence within the motoring industry, and products affiliated with the show are likely to gain in public favour.

Car cleaning company Mantis strived to capitalize on this opportunity by launching a limited edition range of products cleverly advertised (slightly tongue in cheek) to suit the presenters. Shine by Jezza (Jeremy Clarkson) was developed by Mr Clarkson himself and has been approved by the Lorry drivers union. Stig Shine (Stig) is a secret formula good for polishing helmets. Hamster Brite (Richard Hammond) works on cars, bikes and helicopters, although it is noted that it does not come with a free Genesis CD. Mantis has cleverly found a mass appeal marketing route into the automobile market, and their limited edition novelty range and bound to fill stockings this Christmas.


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