Coconut Oil: 21st Century Remedy for Tooth Decay

Everyone aspires to have that Hollywood smile, and there are many remedies to achieve the shining white, healthy looking glow. Rubbing mustard oil and salt into your gums strengthens them and makes them look healthy, and eating a whole garlic clove promptly clears and cleans a sore throat. But now, experts believe that coconut oil can be used to tackle tooth decay.

According to an article on BBC, coconut oil “attacks the bacteria that cause tooth decay”. Taking into account that 60-90% of children in the Western world suffer from tooth decay, this is an important finding. Coconut oil has also been proven to combat thrush, a common yeast infection experienced by a lot of women.

Dr Damien Brady, from Athlone Institute of Technology, said “It is important that we turn our attention to new ways to combat microbial infection”. This is the reasoning that led the researchers to experiment with a range of different oils. The oils used to conduct the tests are: vegetable, coconut and olive oil in their natural state. When broken down by enzymes coconut oil turns into acid that can fight with bacteria.

Coconut oil may well be used in dental care products and perhaps also in products to deal with thrush as well.


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