96 year old Dorothy Caldwell completes Trans-America Challenge

Dorothy Caldwell was only six years from her 100th birthday when she flew to America and entered the 2012 Trans-America Challenge as a navigator. She successfully navigated the month long trip, from New York across America and Canada to Alaska and back – a feat that many women her age would not even consider.

“It all started with my son, Alastair.” She explains. “As former manager of the McLaren racing team and with his vintage Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, he was keen to ride alongside other classic cars in the challenge. He needed a navigator- I was thrilled to be asked!”

Dorothy began her trip to the US with a visit to her sister, who was celebrating her 100th birthday. With Alastair, she then drove through the spectacular sites of North America. At the end of the rally, Dorothy was awarded a special “Spirit of the Rally” award for her amazing achievement.

In reference to her age, she says, “It certainly wasn’t against me. I’m not one to stay at home; I enjoy being as active as possible. There’s always something new to see and do. How could I turn down such an opportunity?”

The Trans America Challenge is an exciting classic car rally from sea to shining sea, through the spectacular sights of the land of the free and home of the brave. The event was organised by the hugely experienced ERA team with over 65 international events under their belt.

The journey from New York, on the east coast of the USA, to the furthest flung point of Alaska in the 50th State, will take the participants through the some of the best and most spectacular scenery and roads that both the United States and Canada has to offer in the company of fellow enthusiasts.


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