Love for the American Dream

Only one person could give a speech at the Democratic National Conference and spark off 28,003 tweets-per-minute. Only one person could describe a love story so realistic and yet so ideal; Michelle Obama, the declared mom-in-chief, conventionally relayed the harsh tale of millions of Americans with perfection, making it an emotional viewing.

She opened up by painting a picture of the typical American citizen and portrayed their determination and community spirit used to help their fellow Americans whether they are rewarded or not.

Highlighting the similarities between Barack Obama and the majority of American citizens, Michelle revealed how much the President pored over letters sent to him. Letters from people struggling with cancer whose insurance refuses to cover them; letters from young people with promising talents all boxed away because there’s a lack of opportunity; letters from parents struggling to pay their bills reminding Barack Obama of the same struggles his mother faced whilst bringing him up. And although it was not explicitly stated, we all could not help but realise what a stark contrast there was between Obama’s upbringing and that of Mitt Romney. “Whilst he had financial support for his education, the Obama’s were “so young, so in love, and so in debt”. And that was the motivation behind Obama’s fight to increase student aid and decrease interest rates because he knows how it feels to have student loan bills that are higher than your mortgage. The exemplary couple are still in love- even more so than before and with Michelle sure that Barack’s morals and integrity are still intact even in his new role, it is clear that the couples story, and the American story will have a happy ending.


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