Paralympics 2012!

Tonight’s opening ceremony will commence the London 2012 Paralympic Games!

Just two weeks ago our small nation was completely engrossed in the Olympic Games following and supporting our heroes who did us proud, with an unbelievable 65 medals…….29 of which were GOLD!

It didn’t matter what country you were supporting everyone was in high spirits and good moods.

This has set the perfect back drop for what is set to be the best Paralympic Games since its creation in 1960 (Fact – these games took place in Rome and was only open to war veterans). For the first time ever a Paralympics has been completely sold out; the Olympic Park is expecting over 200,000 visitors each day. I think this is largely a result of changing attitudes, where people are now recognizing and appreciating the high standards of the events. The man nicknamed “Blade Runner”, Olympic and Paralympic competitor Oscar Pistorius has called for people to “Focus not on our disability, but our ability”.

GB have one of the best Paralympic teams finishing second in Bejjing (ahead of the USA). Therefore unsurprisingly, there are number of super talented athletes on show, including, but by no means limited to, Liz Johnson, cerebral palsy sufferer from Wales. She sadly lost her mum whilst in Bejjing and took the Gold in breaststroke 11 days after. In Athens she won Silver and we’re predicting another medal in London. So don’t forget to check out her medal race Wednesday 5th September!


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