Grey Blusher: Yay or Nay?

“Pointy cheekbones can be yours with just one cosmetic readjustment” with grey blusher says Stylist Beauty Director Joanna McGarthy. Although you might not have considered it before, grey cosmetics in the form of eye shadow and blush might just be what you need. If you have ever had any issue with your cheek bones and considered plastic surgery, perhaps you don’t have to anymore. With grey being the colour of natural shadows, it gives a natural effect when applied around the eyes or on the cheeks. You can adapt different shades to suit your skin tone, “warmer greys for warmer skin tones” says Joanna. The ball is in your court, you can play around with this new trend of mixing colours.

You can purchase your own collection of grey cosmetics from well-known brands such as Clinique, No7, Chanel and Elizabeth Arden at affordable prices. There is quite a large range of products so you can choose whatever you feel will go well with your skin tone. You can either get powder blush or loose powder for that perfect look that you have always wanted. Why not experiment with different shades of grey this autumn to get a new look that will not only make you look natural but will also accentuate your facial features, and create your very own 50 shades of Grey!


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