Cobalt Cadenza!

Cobalt Blue is a new trend for Autumn. This would make a subtle change from the recent reprise of Denim, because Cobalt blue is far brighter and bolder than its cotton counterpart (although we do love  a denim jacket!).

Most designers have either coupled cobalt with dark or understated colours, black or simply as a full dress, since the bright blue is eye catching enough without the need for any other brash contrasts.

The perks of cobalt are that it will compliment any hair colour, from black to blonde and everything in between, making an especially attractive contrast against ladies with desert sunset copper hair, but in this case try to stick to one colour without mixing too many clashing accessories!

If you want to add some brightness and colour to your outfit more subtly, go for a cobalt coloured accessory which would go well with blacks, dark, faded purples and bright reds.

Finally, if you want a more decorative look, why not go for a mixture of cobalt background dresses with a floral if only to hold on to what is left of summer for a few weeks more!


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