Toilet Paper

“Don’t rush. Look before you flush.” may be a phrase soon to be commonly used on the streets of London – or more appropriately in the bathrooms of London.

Advertisements are now reaching where the sun doesn’t shine and myths that it is difficult to find advertising space are being flushed down the toilet – literally. With the mind work of two young, entrepreneurial brains, Jordan and Bryan and their newly commenced firm Star Toilet Paper are being proactive with advertising on toilet paper, an unchartered and innovative way to reach out to a wider audience. Coupons are also being printed on toilet paper.

Jordan Silverman of the Jordan Bryan duo admits that their business entices people and produces repeated chuckles.

In spite of enormous humour and innuendo opportunities, Star Toilet triumphed as one among five finalists for College Entrepreneur of 2012 contest, and as part of their triumph to continue their success, the company will be providing complimentary toilet rolls with printed ads on them to stadiums, offices, restaurants and various other places.

Another beneficial selling point is that the two-ply quality toilet paper is made from 100% recycled materials with the promise that the soybean based ink

leaves no harm to the genital area. With advertising prices as cheap as $99  (approximately £57.00) for 20,000 ads, the toilet paper looks to be a favourite amongst both consumers and advertising agencies. In a skewed way, this new innovation bares similar attributes to marmite. Although one is edible whilst the other deals with the by-product of eating, they both reach the same conclusion: you either love it or you hate it.







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