Wednesday 29th August 2012. 4:00pm at the Moscone Centre will feature Splunk Inc, the leading provider of software for real-time operational intelligence, and CloudShare, the leading provider of pre-production cloud for dev and test, demos and POC’s.

There will be a session discussing how the Splunk App for VMware helps CloudShare better understand it’s infrastructure performance trends amongst customers and business metrics.

Titled “How a Cloud Computing Provider Reached the Holy Grail of Visibility”, this session reveals the benefits of Splunk for businesses. With more than 4,000 organisations using Splunk world-wide to gain operational intelligence, the world is searching for more information about this software.

Splunk software is used in organisations such as CloudShare to monitor, troubleshoot and solve customer service issues. It collects, harnesses and indexes masses of data making trends more easily identifiable. With the knowledge that customer feedback is essential for any business, analysing and responding to customer trends is another way to obtain such feedback. After all, actions do speak louder than words. The versatility of Splunk and its ability to monitor the dynamic nature of virtualisation makes it a perfect partner for CloudShare.

VMworld 2012 looks be be an interesting one this year providing support and ideas to business and IT professionals. If you’re looking to incorporate a few new IT skills to your business leading the way to expansion or you simply love to tinkle with software, the Moscone Center in San Francisco is the place to be next Wednesday. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area while you’re there!


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