As thousands of students have picked up their A-levels this week, Diane Johnson, Skills Ambassador for the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) confirms Through the Door Promotions thoughts on university and higher education by stating that degrees aren’t the only option and that the Government needs to stop playing politics with the qualifications system.


Johnson says “A University degree can be a valuable asset to a career, but it’s not the only option, or even the best choice for all young people. Not everyone wants or can afford to go to university, where they could rack up thousands of pounds of debt without a guarantee of a job at the end.”


Through The Door Promotions understand this completely and want to make students that didn’t get the grades or the university placement they were hoping for aware that there are other options and other routes that can be taken.


Apprenticeships offer a bona fide alternative route to employment and have done so for many years. However, there is a stigma around apprenticeships and vocational training is seen as the poor relation to academia. If these forms of training are to remain credible, they need to be valued and the Government needs to stop demeaning standards for political reasons.


Through The Door Promotions understands that the Government needs to establish a protected apprenticeship brand that defines quality training, and if this doesn’t happen almost immediately, then reputable apprenticeships will diminish, leaving young people with fewer choices for a brighter future. This would not only affect students, it would also affect companies, which have been offering established apprenticeships for decades.


Our society needs skilled people, regardless of their qualification route. Today’s students are tomorrows tax payers and industry leaders. They deserve better from our Government and education system! 


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