Is your Company utilising Instagram?

Due to the increase of social networking and mobile usage, companies and brands need to utilise all available platforms in order to remain at the forefront of their industries. Many companies are missing the chance to reach new and existing customers through these exciting and innovative tools, which are readily available to all businesses and most often for free.

Instagram, a photo-sharing platform, launched in 2010, and within the space of two years as reached 20 million users who have uploaded over 400 million images. The service allows users to upload an image, add a digital filter and share it across other social networking sites including the key player Facebook and Twitter.

The most beneficial aspect to using social media is that all platforms are connected and this includes blogs created via WordPress. Users can add an image from Instagram and it can be posted to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn fashion social network Trendabl automatically. When a blog is posted on WordPress, the link appears on all social networking sites providing an consistent presence and providing opportunities to reach a larger audience.

Along with Instagram, Statigram has been developed, an Instagram web viewer and search tool. This is a hugely beneficial tool for businesses as it allows them to directly monitor views and interaction.

Last year, like Twitter, Instagram added a hash tag function to help users reach out to other users and discover relevant images by grouping common themes together. Statigram allows users of Instagram to search for these hash tags, as well as giving them access to their images online and source information on who has engaged with their profile.

Consumer brands and corporate companies can use Instagram and its hash tag capabilities as social media marketing tools in a number of creative ways, such as promoting events, products and services. Tiffany & Co proved how effective social media can be, using Instagram as part of a campaign to promote their new range of jewellery, the company asked people to take photos that represented and illustrated love and apply to the given hash tag #truelovepictures. Not only did this allow the company to identify the campaign’s success, but also, everyone who took part operated as brand ambassadors for the new products.

Instagram is a simple tool to use and with added functions like the hash tag and filters, it makes images visually appealing and also easy to find.

Through The Door Promotions understand that due to the increase of usage of both mobile social network usage and smartphone cameras, online interaction levels are extremely high. Brands, which sell tangible and visually pleasing products such as fashion brands or cocktail bars are missing out on various opportunities if they aren’t using it. If brands are already utilising other social networking platforms, it be hugely beneficial to add Instagram into their social media strategy to increase the levels of engagement and develop brand awareness effectively.




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