Around the World in a day

With the Olympics drawing the world’s focus onto Great Britain and London, we are shining the light back on the rest of the world. After scouring the globe – pardon the pun – we are reporting the most important stories of the week. Be prepared for the world changing, wonderful and outright wacky news stories.


US Government has issued a statement declaring that mermaids do not exist. But, believe it or not, there is a reason behind this. A mockumentary, shown in May entitled Mermaids: The Body Found was broadcast in May on Animal Planet. But due to the shows format, some viewers believed the events and case studies portrayed and were convinced that what they were being shown was real footage. The National Ocean Service was forced to explain, “no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”


With their large amber eyes, their squirrel like tails and their talented ability to walk sideways, as well as their stigma developed from the Madagascar franchise, Lemurs are the jokers of the jungle. However, they are also one of the world’s most endangered species. It has been revealed that 103 species of lemurs are endangered. This works out that 91% of lemurs are threatened. Lemurs are native to Madagascar, but most of the natural vegetation has been lost. But, there is a silver lining; a new, unnamed species of lemur has been recently discovered.


Food lovers and regular diners looking for a new, unique culinary experience will not be disappointed by the newly opened Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. Alcohol, sushi and scantily clad cabaret performers in the form of female robots are combined. The robots are controlled by equally scantily cladded women, but diners are also able to handle the controls by using specially designed joysticks.


Abortion laws in Turkey are already extremely strict, but laws and restrictions are about to get tighter still. If the proposed legislation is passed, medical professionals will be given the right to deny a woman of an abortion if she is over ten weeks, unless the pregnancy is having a detrimental effect on her health.

The bill is also fighting for three years in prison for any woman who has an abortion that isn’t medically necessary. The current prison sentence is one year.


It is one of Da Vinci’s biggest mysteries, and one of the world’s most infamous and speculative artworks, but the story behind Mona Lisa may be about to be solved. Archaeologists have been excavating in Florence, which they believe is the burial place for history’s most famous woman. Researchers say that they may have I covered her skeleton underneath the alter of an abandoned nunnery, where is it believed that Lisa Gherardini (Mona Lisa) Scientists are still in the process of identifying


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