Hurly, burly, topsy, turvy

Kylie Minogue’s creative chief, William Baker, now directs the Hurly Burly Show, a burlesque tour de force.

The show is a supercharged and sexy, camptastic rollercoaster ride. Through in nudity and innuendos and the audience find themselves in a frenzy of Crazy Horse meets Madonna meets Lady Gaga meets Gypsy Rose Lee. It is a roundabout of thrills and quills with well-loved songs and fabulous costumes, creating a hot mess of excitement and experience. Miss Polly Rae fronts the show as the lead burlesque performer and is accompanied throughout by six beautiful and talented Hurly Burly Girlies. Gone are the days of simplicity in a cocktail glass, if that wasn’t enough to give you a fever and make your head spin, the show consists of a very special act involving a giant hamburger.

The Hurly, Burly Show provides a contemporary twist on traditional burlesque routines. Burlesque means “to make a mockery of” or “to send up” and we can guarantee that it will have your sides in stitches.


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