Beauty is evolving

What does an Olympian and beauty have in common? Fearlessness. Travelling beyond your comfort zone and landing in unchartered territory is the ultimate bravery. With athletics, it is all about pushing your body to extremes and going further than you went previously. With beauty, it is all about taking self-expression to new extremes, playing with ideas and creativity. Beauty is no longer about perfection and conforming to make up.

Long before the arrivals of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, women (and men) were wearing black, orange and green lipstick, dyeing their hair bright purple and blue and wearing aggressive bobs and fringes. Dip dyes were out and so were brightly coloured eye shadows but David Bowie was a style icon and punks and Goths were cool. And now 2012, it feels like these looks are being vindicated by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Gaga and Perry. And it seems that this sense of fearlessness is creeping into the once conservative beauty industry and is adorning the insiders with bright lilac hair and unconventional piercings, which, 15 years ago, would have been ludicrous. Back then, beauty career girls would have been flawless, with immaculate blow dries, natural make up, the latest shade of clear nail varnish and kitten heels shined to reflection; polished and professional, but cautious and conventional.

So we are pleased to announce that beauty is evolving…beautifully. Estee Lauder – once extremely conservative – now produces a gorgeous gunmetal grey lipstick launching this autumn. And catwalk beauty for AW12 has thus far been a carnival array of experimental looks, contrasting colours and shouldn’t be shades. Orange is the new natural with eyebrows and hair donning the autumn colour, and black gothic lips with hints of blue have been seen within the Versace collection.

Match purple clothing with orange make up and hair and not only will you stand out from the crowd, you will lead them.


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