Pork for Thought

Bacon jam is pushing the possibilities of pork, weird but definitely wonderful, Through the Door Promotions have fallen for this delicious product. Invented in Walthamstow the fun flavoured food is now being sold in supermarkets across the UK after Tesco discovered the product.

Staff at restaurant Eat 17 created the curious concoction last year and has since been featured on Jonathan Ross’ ITV chat show. The idea was developed after chef Chris O’Connor combined and experimented with burger toppings of onion, jam and bacon, which created a unique flavour.

After customers requested buying jars of the bacon jam, and it rose in popularity, Tesco approached the restaurant and signed a deal to stock it in 280 stores.

Bacon jam and similar condiments has been widely available in the USA for years, however, Eat 17 has created an innovative recipe using secret ingredients that separate it from competitors. Maple syrup and freshly brewed coffee are two of the main ingredients used.

Whilst the jam is proving popular amongst consumers, not everyone is convinced; Janet Street Porter voiced her opinions regarding the condiment last April. “I don’t know if taste buds atrophy as you enter postal codes with double figures, but this bland goo is neither jam nor chutney — and I can make both.”

To which Chris O’Connor responded; “I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes, which is fine.”

Mixing sweet and savoury tastes together is a growing trend within the food industry, but nothing has quite been developed to this standard. The tastes combined together create an exclusive flavour and compliments the classic cheeseburger and similar dishes perfectly. Place on pancakes with syrup for the ultimate get up and go breakfast.

Chris O’Connor is currently working on follow-ups including chorizo jam and Mexican chilli.


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