The Future of HR!

Owning and managing around 19,000 properties, Walsall Housing Group (WHG) provides affordable, good quality homes and community based services to the local community. This makes WHG a significant employer within the region, which in turn places sizeable and growing demands on the HR team and its processes.

Walsall Housing Group opts for CIPHR+ for core HR systems and has moved on from on-premises to SaaS delivery of HR systems.

CIPHR (Computers In Personnel) is a leading supplier of HR software, payroll, absence and recruitment Solutions. It has been supplying elite people management solutions for over 29 years and remains one of the most established and trusted providers in the UK.

The phased approach taken by WHG sees the core HR systems implemented along with Notifications for improved workflow. CIPHR decisions adds real-time management reports and HR statistics, followed by employee self service facilities with CIPHR Net.

Dawn Pilbeam, System Analyst at WHG, says, “We were keen that the HR team took a leading roll in the decision process so that the chosen system had their commitment ad buy-in from the start. The general look and feel of CIPHR is good, the screens are intuitive and, with deeper scrutiny, we found that the report writing facilities are great.”

Ms Pilbeam adds, “We anticipate big time-savings from CIPHR and the reduction in paper usage will be huge. Early indications are very positive and we expect that the future implementation of CIPHR Net will take us to yet another dimension in functionality and efficiency.”

Everyday, some of the UK’s largest and most respected organisations, small businesses, charities and public sector bodies rely on CIPHR to effectively manage their employee data. It proved a unique breed of sophisticated integrated HR software solutions that can help organisations achieve their business goals.

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