Are employment levels stabilising for UK temporary market?

There has been a levelling out in hiring across the temporary employment market within all three core sectors: financial services, public sector, and commerce industry, according to a new report by Venn Group; the UK’s only company dedicated to the provision of temporary and contract staff to organisations in both the private and public sectors. Employment levels are still heavily impacted by the current economic climate, but interim and temporary markets are performing well. There has been an overall decrease in hiring levels across the UK in the second quarter of 2012 compared to the first quarter, with vacancies having decreased by 4% across the board. Hiring levels are still 14% higher than the last quarter of 2011.

Within the public sector, a large number of areas are enjoying a high level of activity, for example, due to the changes within the NHS, the recruitment of temporary and interim staff has increased to ensure service is maintained.

Within the financial services, temporary vacancies have increased by 6.9% after a fall last quarter. Director of Venn’s financial services Robert McLeod has said that although there have been reports that this sector is performing badly, the interim market is still thriving as experienced professionals are being drafted in to work on projects.

Within commerce and industry, London enjoyed a healthy rise of 6.9%. Although a rise was expected in light of the Olympics, other areas have also benefitted from the games. Stan Murray Hession who looks after Venn’s operations in North West say “Businesses in Manchester are definitely capitalising on the Olympic effect” this is due to Old Trafford being a major Olympic venue.

Overall, the Olympics seem to be having a positive effect on unemployment with an increase in temporary and interim jobs.



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