Sporting great hair at the Olympics

The Olympics are finally here! The end of this week marks one of the greatest sporting events in history. The London 2012 Olympic games are all about stamina, sporting achievements and with Debenhams and Stella McCartney getting involved with the design of the Olympians outfits, style is also a major factor! And this doesn’t just stop at clothes; it extends right up to the hair. Obviously, fashionistas will want to give a nod to the sporting greats and support and acknowledge them, and what better way than to design your hair in par of the Olympics? A triathlon of hairstyles, each making themselves heard will be showcased throughout and will definitely take the wearer back to their PE days.

The Track and Twist is inspired by the individualism of the global athlete. With sporty twists which race to the front, be ahead of your game with this fashion forward style.

The Boxing Braids are hard-hitting and the middle parting provides a fierce edge to a potentially feminine style. Pack a punch with this rough and tough look.

The Urban Knot gives a nod to the current tribal trend whilst combining sports. With aerodynamic smoothness, you won’t false start with this sleek and slender accolade.


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