Help out British Seaside Towns!

I was going about my normal routine – eating my breakfast and watching BBC breakfast – the usual – when I suddenly became engrossed in a report on how this dreadful weather has affected businesses throughout the UK.

I cannot remember where the report was filmed – it was a seaside town somewhere in the UK – but it talked about how this horrific weather had affected every single business in that town. Obviously, seaside towns in the UK typically don’t make a lot of money during the winter times but continuously look forward to the summer heat wave that for the previous few years has occurred.

It is a depressing thought to think that these small time businesses are struggling. Although, not to everyone’s taste – these small seaside towns epitomise everything that is British – and no matter what we cannot afford and wouldn’t want to them to disappear.

No matter from what background, I think all British people have found childhood memories of going to the beach at some point – walking a long the piers, going on the rides or eating the ‘Great British’ classic that is Fish and Chips – but this soon could be nothing but a distant memory.

There are obviously areas that will do better than others – Brighton is sure to have been hit from the recent poor weather – but undoubtedly wont feel it as much as other seaside towns like Margate or Clacton … These seaside cannot compare to the beaches of Italy, Turkey or Greece – but they are undoubtedly still part of the British culture and heritage.

I remember watching the 2012 British tourism advert on T.V not too long ago, where they were encouraging British people to holiday in the UK rather than go abroad – and I thought to myself – ‘I cannot think of anything worse than remaining in the UK for the summer period and during the Olympic times,’ However, since watching this harrowing report on BBC – I really cannot express how important it is that we stand behind our seaside towns and our small independent UK businesses.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Through The Door Promotions or OPEN Publication team to find out about different events going on at the different seaside resorts in the UK.


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