Breaking The Habit

With NHS ramping up their campaigns, and 2012 being the British year of sport, health and fitness are at the top of the agenda.

It is the dreaded addiction that no one can seem to shake but can have detrimental affects in later years. It is also the hardest habit to break. Smoking is the ultimate tool in networking and office break, and at Through the Door Promotions cigarettes are our guilty pleasure. And with patches, gum, alternative remedies and hypnotism (yes, we have tries them all) tried, tested and failed, people are seeking new methods to help them to kick the habit for good.

In one of our previous blogs we mentioned the new E-Cigarette, which is now becoming a staple trend on the market.

The E-cigarette, as well as being a cleaner, less harmful alternative to smoking a burning cigarette, they also deliver a great taste – featuring a range of flavours. The great thing about these cigarettes is that they help you slowly kill the habit of lifting the cigarette to your mouth and inhaling. As they are not burning they do not make you feel obliged to ‘smoke it to death.’ So you end up putting the cigarette down much sooner than your average one, as the cravings and the habit get suppressed.

They also deliver a big financial saving over traditional cigarettes. Each refill is approximately equal to six cigarettes, bringing down the cost of twenty cigarettes down to less than £2! Even the cheap brands cost well over £6. The average price for cigarettes in the UK is £6.63 for a pack of twenty with £5.08 of that being taken by the Government in Tax.

The E-Cigarette refills can be used again by refilling them your self with a special liquid, bringing down the cost to 3 pence per cigarette, that’s 60 pence for a twenty pack!

Intellicig lets you choose your dose of nicotine so that you can slowly start cutting down – from 15mg, 10mg, 5mg and even zero if it is required.

Many employers are recognising the benefits of letting staff smoke e-cigarettes inside the office instead of wasting valuable time consuming their ‘smoking breaks’ outside working areas. Could e-cigarette smokers have better career prospects than traditional smokers? Let us know your thoughts!

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