50 Shades of Coffee

He stared at her, from her head to her toes, watched her as she danced rhythmically to the movement and sound of her extended heels gliding along the floor. Watched as she was caressed, first with fingers and then with lips. He glared longingly as she was undressed and fondled. He wanted her; he wanted the dark taste of her, the aroma he imagined, and her delicate perfume filling his nostrils took him to new levels of euphoria. He knew he shouldn’t be watching, he had his own voluptuous dark lady on her way, but there was something beautiful, something he knew he wouldn’t find elsewhere. Why didn’t he take her when he had the chance, he yearned for her now. He yearned for his lips to be touching her, for his tongue to be exploring her full body, to taste her with every essence of his body. His throat to the pit of his stomach yearned for her, to have her dancing through his body caressing every inch of him. Warming him, waking him to a new world. He couldn’t help himself, he knew he had to do something to stop him exploding right there, he wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything in his life, and he knew that once he had her, if he had her the satisfaction would be intensifying. But this feeling would only be temporary, once the energy she would have so freely given him evaporated, the longing would resurface. And he knew this longing too well, he wanted her too much; loneliness would settle until he found her again. It was a vicious circle, and he was enslaved to the routine. He would return to her, but this time he decided he would take her. Take her deep into him and he would moan with instinctive pleasure as she embraced him completely, he didn’t want her anymore; it was beyond any rational feeling, he needed her; his entire body needed her. He couldn’t get through another day without her. As he approached steadfastly, he could hear his heart pounding, so hard and fast, just as he intended to take her. He took a deep breath, cleared his mind, ignored his instincts to choose a traditional Earl Grey, and ordered a Mr. Black coffee.


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