Sun, Swimsuits and Salads!

The dread of stripping off down to a bikini in the summer (not that we are having many opportunities) is every woman’s nightmare. Ditching those carbs and replacing them for a healthy fruit salad is no easy challenge (trust me, I tried this afternoon). Adopting a healthy lifestyle is vital to achieve a trimmed and toned figure, and often this means having a salad for lunch and dinner. But there is a glimmer of hope; according to a UK National Research Survey, even a salad isn’t substantial enough to curb our appetite. The survey revealed that salads that didn’t contain meat, fish or poultry were lagging behind in the favourites list with salads such as chicken and tuna nicoise salads stealing the limelight.

According to the same survey, 6 in 10 of us were more inclined to eating salads this summer with more men substituting burgers for leaves in order to also obtain a better physique for the summer season.

So why not pretend we are having a summer and explore your salad options. Lettuce and tomatoes are only the beginning…


My ultimate salad is a follows:


Chicken cooked in lemon and orange to add a citrus scent and subtle taste to the salad.

Bacon cooked in garlic, basil and mustard seeds




Mozzarella or feta cheese

Cucumber or celery


Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cracked pepper with a sprinkle of salt to taste

Mix up in a bowl and enjoy!


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