Painful piercings!

Piercings are the ultimate accessory for rebellion and adulthood. Anything beyond the elegance of a pierced earlobe can drastically alter the appearance. But even the earlobe can carry various connotations, especially with the increasing popularity of “lobe gauging” or stretching. The perspective of piercings also vary within different cultures; piercing the nose in East Asia is viewed as attractive, whilst in the UK, even though it is attractive, it is viewed as worldly.

But gone are the days when piercing the ears, belly button or eyebrows were excessive and thrilling to the individual, now people are becoming more daring and experimental. It is a constant need to raise eyebrows and the younger generation are reverting back to the rebellious wisdom of the sixties to teach new dogs old tricks. Piercing the genital areas for unknown (and possibly untrue) benefits, the tongue, the uvula – the back of your throat (yes you heard right, people do this for fun, as if that poor piece of flesh didn’t feel awkward enough just hanging their between two tonsils, it now has to endure the embarrassment of having a chunk of metal attached to it all day long, like some sort of out of place studded leather punk jacket in the middle of an old lady’s wardrobe) and the nipples are popular areas, but one such area growing in popularity and curiosity is the new phase known as microdermal, a form of body modification which gives the aesthetic appearance of a transdermal implant, without the complications of surgery.

These implants or piercings can be placed practically anywhere on the surface of the skin.

With people seeking more ways to gain a thrill or adrenalin rush, piercings are quickly overtaking tattoos in the shock factor. With more body parts being exposed to piercings, and more trends emerging, the question remains, how many holes can our bodies endure?


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