The Green Light for a Healthier Future.

The new craze for smokers everywhere – E – Lites will allow smokers to smoke in public places, like pubs, shops and other indoor venues. Smokers have now been given the green (or blue) light to smoke wherever they want!

The cigarettes are equipped with an LED light and they provide a mist, which has many benefits. It does not have a bad odour and it eliminates any risk of passive smoking. And most importantly, they do not contain tar, tobacco and other toxins present in normal cigarettes.

E-Lites have become the UK’s most popular brand of electronic cigarettes with approximately quarter of a million regular users in the UK alone.

Adrian Everett co-founder and director of E-Lites says of the cigarettes; “Awareness and acceptance of electronic cigarettes has grown massively over the past two years”.

According to a recent survey by E-Lites of 2000 British consumers, 83% are aware of electronic cigarettes and more than half of them agree that the availability of these products is a positive thing for all smokers. E-Lites are seen as a significantly healthier option compared to normal cigarettes.

However, with the major misunderstanding which recently took place on the M6, potential users have developed a negative perspective to electronic cigarettes. The electric cigarette that caused this eruption was an out-dated version with a mechanism involving pouring the nicotine solution directly into the device itself. This form of technology is now redundant and extinct; the nicotine solution is now securely contained in sealed E-Tip cartridges that can be screwed onto the end of the electronic cigarette.

With an office full of smokers, this is the motivation that we all need to give up. 




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