Chocovine – The eighth deadly sin..

Clogs and waffles are two enjoyable exports from the Netherlands. They continue to deliver as they are bringing us a bizarre beverage known as Chocovine; combining the two most indulgent aspects of cuisine, foodies have been buzzing on this new delectable delicacy.

Cabernet red wine, dark Dutch chocolate and cream come together in our mind as a bizarre variety of Baileys. Although not yet available in the UK, our friends across the pond seem to enjoy it with over a million bottles already sold.

The Chocovine Facebook page has exploded with grateful messages from fans as well as numerous cocktail recipes including the Mint Patty Cocktail (Chocovine and Crème de Methe). Clearly this wacky wine needs to be investigated by us Brits; it can be ordered from

Is this a stroke of genius or simply a gluttonous concoction for sweet tooth alcoholics.


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