New Job Arisen To Join Our PR Company!

An Exciting Opportunity Has Arisen To Join A Small Team!!
We are a PR company looking to hire people to create a sales and event planning team for our company.

Certain Requirements:

– You must be able to speak English
– Must have a valid work permit if out of the UK
– Must be confident and outgoing
– Must be interested in PR, advertising and marketing
– CV and photo required

Salary will be discussed and vary depending on experience but there is room for developing and moving up in the company and the PR industry.

Visit our Gumtree AD

or simply comment below.

Email: ……Send us your CV and a photo


Lets MeetUp and try some great British Classics @Public House

Come along to our event at @Public House on Tuesday February 21, 2012, 7:00 PM

Public house is really cool venue in the heart of Islington. With quirky events and a really fun management team – this venue is the place to go! The event will be a night of great cocktails, great British dishes with an exciting twist… and more importantly a night of great people!

Follow the Link and come down and join us! Will be a great night!

Look forward to seeing you….

Roses are red, violets are blue… but is this commercial holiday really for you?

Working with restaurants and bars as you can imagine, means that we are heavily involved in the chaotic preparation that is Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a strange one for the team at Through The Door, where we all remain undecided about this holiday, with conflicted opinions. Undeniably the the concept behind the holiday is a pleasant story – honoring the early Christian martyr names Saint Valentine. Traditionally, a day where lovers express their love for one another through quaint gifts like flowers and confectionary, this holiday has been an ongoing debate since as early as 496 AD, when it was first established by Pope Gelasius  but was later removed in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.

Yes… the day brings people happiness and love needs to be recognised as an important emotion – not just something you hear people singing about! But it’s such a sad thought that it has become so disingenuous these days, with large corporations and retailers somewhat preying on people’s love.

This year Through The Door is going in two opposite directions – firstly we are taking  a stand against the cheesy commercialised, greeting card, Valentines day. We shall only be endorsing a truly romantic evening for true lovers… A restaurant that exudes romance and love, like our much talked about restaurant Lena. Lena, is undoubtedly one of the only Italian restaurants that does Valentines day naturally well. Secondly, we are going in the complete opposite direction and helping all the singletons out there – who yet again don’t need to be surrounded by this disingenuous bullsh*t holiday, and provide them with the ultimate retreat that is Public House.

Public House, another fantastic venue – will be helping the singletons or the “I hate Commerical holiday’s,” t-shirt wearing lovers, and will be having a fun filled night for those who would sooner spend the night eating garlic, good food, holding a  tub of vaseline and a kleenix in their left hand.


Some of the photos have finally arrived from the Vintage Relaunch party… only a few however. As previously discussed, Through The Door Promotions helped design, relaunch and brand VINTAGE. It was an exceptionally stressful time, but certainly rewarding.

Let us know your thoughts on the design..