The Ultimate Food Bucket List

Through The Door Promotions is a unique PR company based in the heart of Shoreditch. Through The Door works closely with some of the most individual and talked about venues in London. We work with restaurants, bars and clubs  each with their own personality, just like us !

At present Through The Door Promotions is growing dramatically every single day – sometimes it’s tough to keep up with. One minute, we shut our eyes and a new exciting opportunity comes our way! Last week was pretty crazy for us – we relaunched and rebranding Chateau 6 in Fulham Broadway (now known as Vintage). It took a lot of work and a lot of painting, and we only had a £1500 budget and furthermore a week and bit to complete the whole transformation. Hopefully the photos of the night and the relaunch party will be with us by tomorrow – so we shall upload them then. The relaunch was extremely stressful, considering the fact that the venue is located on the other side of London.  The amount of journeys we made back and forth carrying ridiculous ornaments through the streets, was highly amusing. However, now being back in the office and being able to reflect on what we achieved it leaves us feeling very happy – and as we write this we cant help but  feel quite emotional as never did we think the day would come!

Anyway, now that the relaunch is over and done with and VINTAGE can stand on its own two feet – it leaves us time to engage with the world once more! Through The Door Promotions, being the foodies that we are – will be working on a the Ultimate Food Bucket List and we need you guys to help us out slightly….

Yes, we have loads of places we want to go but it would be great to hear some of your suggestions on what you would long to eat before you die – it can be a dish you have never tried or it can be a dish that you cant live without and know that before that time comes, you would need to eat it!

Through The Door Promotions recently created a MeetUp page, which is very exciting! To help us with our ‘Ultimate Food Bucket List’ – we will be trying out different foods at different restaurants throughout London, and we would love for you to join us! On February 8th @ 7.30pm, we shall be going to Lena Restaurant to try some of the Ultimate Italian Classics… take a look at our MeetUp Page for more information…

Let us know if you have any more suggestions for the Ultimate Food Bucket List!!!!!


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